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21 Aug 2019

Samsung Galaxy Buds almost £30 cheaper - should you buy a pair?

A price cut for Samsung's wireless in-ear headphones has them sat at around £112, but read our expert review before you take the plunge

If you're shopping for a pair of wireless in-ear headphones, Amazon's latest deal on the Samsung Galaxy Buds may have caught your eye - they're now £112, down from £139.

Samsung is confident that its headphones are a great fit if you already own a Galaxy smartphone. Although some features are Android-only, the Galaxy Buds are also compatible with iPhones and iPads.

To make the offer even more enticing for iOS users, the Galaxy Buds are around £60 cheaper than Apple AirPods.

Find out more on what the Galaxy Buds have to offer below. Plus, we also have full expert reviews on Samsung Galaxy Bud alternatives for less than £200.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds: three key features

In an effort to tempt music fans away from Apple AirPods, Galaxy Buds include some attractive features beyond the lower price.

1. Ambient sound mode

As the Galaxy Buds come with ambient sound mode, you can try blocking background noise, leaving you to focus on your music or that podcast you can't get enough of.

You can quickly choose to let in more sound from your surroundings with a quick tap - ideal if you're listening out for a train station announcement.

2. Galaxy Wearable app support

The Wearable app acts as a settings hub for all of your Samsung accessories. Alongside the Galaxy Buds, wearables including the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Watch are all supported.

From the smartphone app, you can have a play with the sound equaliser. You might find a listening profile well-suited to your music tastes, but if not you can manually tweak treble and bass levels on the Galaxy Buds.

3. A handy charging case

Like Apple's AirPods, the Samsung Galaxy Buds sleep inside a charging case so you can top them up between listening sessions. The case is fairly small, so you'll want to keep a close eye on your headphones. Thankfully, the Wearable app has a Find My Earbuds feature for any misplacements.

The Galaxy Buds charging case is Wireless PowerShare-compatible. That means you'll be able to charge the case away from a plug socket simply by resting it on the back of compatible Samsung mobiles.

Samsung promises 'up to 6 hours' of listening on a single charge. We've put that claim to the test in our lab as part of our full review.

The Galaxy Buds are designed to be worn 'all day, every day', so do these headphones deliver crystal-clear audio around the clock? Have a read of our Samsung Galaxy Buds review.

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Apple AirPods (£169)

The iconic Apple AirPods landed back in 2016. Since then, they have become wildly popular among iPhone owners looking to enjoy their favourite artists on the move.

These truly wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones come bundled with a charging case that acts as a home for each of the earbuds. Saying 'Hey, Siri' out loud will let you bark commands at Apple's voice assistant, which can give you directions, schedule reminders and more.

Are Apple's AirPods the best wireless, in-ear headphones you can buy in 2019? Our Apple AirPods review has the answer.

JLab Audio JBuds Air (£50)

Yes, you can buy wireless headphones and a charging case for as little as £50. JLab has budget buyers in its sights with the JBuds, which have physical controls and voice-assistant support for hands-free use.

These headphones will automatically turn on and pair when you take them out of the charging case. You can also download the JLab Burn-in Tool app if you want to tweak how your music sounds.

Do these budget-priced headphones deliver audio you'd expect from a far more expensive alternative? See our full JLab Audio JBuds Air review.