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Updated: 4 Dec 2020

Seven ways to fit more food in your freezer

And be able to find and use it
Vegetables in tupperware container being added to

1. Remove the packaging

Pre-bought frozen food often comes in a box and a bag. Recycle the box before you put the food in the freezer and you'll have more space for other food.

Mark up the food before you stash it, though, using a freezer pen. That way you'll never be left wondering what that nondescript packet of food is at the back of the freezer drawer.

Can't fit all of your shopping in your fridge or freezer? Check our fridge freezer, freezer and fridge reviews.

2. Delegate freezer zones

Organise your freezer into zones so it's easy to find stuff. Think: meat, fish, desserts. Or you can even do it by days of the week. You can use wood to make dividers, or old toy crates. Or even separate food into recyclable canvas bags.

3. Freeze your food flat

Freeze food flat and you'll get more in.

Lay your filled freezer bags (recyclable and reusable ones of course!) on the counter to get rid of any excess air, and check they're properly sealed before stacking in your freezer.

Freezing fruit pieces or berries in single layers also makes it easier to take out what you need rather than huge frozen chunks.

4. Use the correct size of container

Empty space in a container is wasted space in your freezer (and the excess air can cause freezer burn, which can dull the colour and taste of your food). So make sure you choose as close to the correctly sized container for whatever leftovers you're storing

5. Choose a freezer with the most storage space

Or a model with drawers that can be switched between fridge, or freezer, known as a multizone refrigerator.

Our testing consistently shows that manufacturers overstate the capacity of their freezers by as much as a third, whereas our reviews will tell you exactly how many shopping bags you can fit in each appliance.

Or you could think about where you might be able to site a additional chest freezer. But do read our advice about freezers in garages first.

6. Keep a check list

Record a freezer inventory close by so you can keep track on what's coming out and what's going in.

A magnetic whiteboard on the door seems to be the most popular choice for easily remembering what exactly it is you're short of.

7. Defrost regularly

You don't want a bunch of ice squatting in space where your food should be. Use our guide on how to defrost your freezer.

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