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19 Dec 2019

Seven ways to make your mince pies extra yummy this Christmas

Whether you're a homemade maestro or prefer the easy life that shop-bought offers, find out how to make the most of your mince pies this festive season
Homemade mince pies

Buttery pastry, plus juicy, fruity filling equals a tradition to set the mouth watering. We've highlighted a few ways to get creative with your mince pies this Christmas.

Our tips are courtesy of the expert tasting panel from our 2019 mince pie taste test. Their recommendations include simple yet tasty pairings as well as unique dessert creations.

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1. Warm mince pies in the oven

When the craving hits, it might be tempting to munch a mince pie straight from the pack. But taking a few minutes to heat it up in the oven beforehand will bring out the flavour and crisp up the pastry.

Putting mince pies in the oven

2. Add some spice

Our tasting panel thought some of the mince pies they tried lacked spice. So for a simple boost, combine 30g of icing sugar with a teaspoon of cinnamon, ginger or mixed spice, and sieve over warmed mince pies before serving.

Making your own lets you add just the level of spice you like to the mix. Find out how to make the best mince pies with tips from baking experts.

Mince pies with cinnamon and icing sugar

3. Grate stilton cheese on top

Try grating or crumbling a little stilton over the top of mince pies before serving. It may sound a tad unusual, but don't knock it until you've tried it.


4. Eat with mulled ginger wine

Enjoy mince pies alongside a glass of mulled ginger wine for added festive flavour.

If you've got a slow cooker, it can make a breeze of mulled wine and other festive drinks - take a look at the recipes in our guide on how to make slow cooker mulled wine.

Christmas mulled wine

5. Give bread and butter pudding a festive twist

Add mince pie filling to this warming winter dessert to give a fruity flavour boost.

Bread and butter pudding

6. Add to affogato

For a unique dessert, top a hot mince pie with affogato (ice cream with a shot of hot espresso).


7. Make mince pie ice cream

Crumble mince pies into vanilla ice cream, refreeze and serve with hot toffee sauce.

vanilla ice cream

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