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Updated: 18 May 2022

Worst broadband and mobile providers for customer service and call wait times

Telecoms customers can face long call waiting times and inadequate handling of complaints, according to a report from the regulator

Broadband, landline and mobile phone providers need to do more to tackle customer service problems, according to Ofcom, the telecoms regulator.

In a report discussing service from providers in 2021, it described customer service as 'hit and miss' and called on providers to prioritise improvements. It found that providers aren’t doing a good enough job of resolving complaints, with a large proportion of complainants having to contact their provider multiple times in order to get a resolution.

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Telecoms complaints handling and resolution

While one in 20 landline customers had reason to complain to their provider in 2021, this was much higher for mobile customers, at one in 10, and even worse when it came to broadband where one in five customers had reason to complain to their provider. 

Customers of Three, Virgin Media and both Vodafone’s mobile and broadband services were more likely to have reason to complain than the average customer.

Providers also aren’t doing a good enough job of resolving issues when they arise - only half of mobile, broadband and landline customers who complained to their provider in 2021 were satisfied with the solution, plus most had to contact their provider multiple times to get their issue resolved.

Satisfaction with complaints handling was lowest among TalkTalk and Virgin Media broadband customers and Plusnet’s landline customers.

Mobile provider call wait times have got worse

Ofcom noted that the average call waiting times for mobile customers rose yet again in 2021, having already nearly doubled between 2019 and 2020 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Five out of nine providers – BT Mobile, EE, iD Mobile, O2 and Vodafone – had longer average call waiting times in 2021 than they had in 2020. 

O2 also had the longest average call waiting time overall, at just under four minutes. The overall average waiting time was two minutes and 15 seconds.

Mobile phone providerAverage call waiting time (minutes)
BT Mobile0:55
iD Mobile1:39
O2 Mobile3:59
Sky Mobile1:50
Tesco Mobile2:15

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Broadband providers call wait times improve

All of the major broadband and landline providers except KCOM saw their average call waiting time decrease in 2021 when compared to 2020.

The average call waiting time was similar to that for mobile providers – two minutes and 16 seconds – but there were large differences between providers. Now Broadband had the shortest average waiting time – an impressive 31 seconds – while KCOM’s was nearly nine minutes.

Broadband and landline providerAverage call waiting time (minutes)
EE Broadband0:53
Now Broadband0:31

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Sick of subpar service? Switch

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