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7 Jan 2022

The latest Which? tech reviews

Our expert lab tests have uncovered a dash cam with an array of nifty premium features, plus we've put the Apple Watch Series 7 through its paces

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Which? test lab. In the run-up to the New Year, we published reviews covering smartwatches, phones, dash cams and TVs to help you shop the January sales.

Our rigorous lab tests have uncovered a host of new Best Buys. We've seen one of the best digital cameras we've tested, along with an OLED TV that tops many rivals more than twice as pricey.

Keep scrolling for a closer look at some of our most recently-reviewed products.

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    Latest smartwatch reviews

    • A smartwatch we were impressed by: 79% - a good-looking wearable that does everything you want it to and then some
    • A smartwatch that didn't score so well: 71% - a solid smartwatch with accurate built-in GPS, but you can do better
    Apple Watch Series 7

    This month, we've been hands-on with the £400 Apple Watch Series 7, paying close attention to the quality of its screen, the usefulness of its notifications and the battery life.

    Taking aim at Apple's latest wearable is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm. It's cheaper, at around £250, and has a 36mm-diameter AMOLED touchscreen - there's a 'virtual' rotating bezel that you run your finger around to cycle through the menu.

    Our list of recently-tested smartwatches includes:

    Our smartwatch expert says

    Lawn mower expert

    'We've just tested much-anticipated new releases from Apple and Samsung, as well as some feature-packed smartwatches from rival brands that won't break the bank. There was more evidence this month to prove that buying a more expensive smartwatch isn't always the way to go, especially if you're only looking for something that will do the basics well.'

    Rebecca Duff, smartwatch expert, Which?

    To see which smartwatches have soared through our tests, check out our smartwatch reviews.

    Latest dash cam reviews

    • A dash cam we were impressed by: 72% - a compact dash cam with speed camera warnings and low-light footage that's among the best we've seen
    • A dash cam that didn't perform so well: 61% - has some interesting features, but this dash cam is a real pain to set up and install
    Mio MiVue 866

    Garmin is one of the biggest names in dash cams, so we've tried and tested the newest models in the brand's lineup - the Dash Cam Mini 2 (£80), Dash Cam 47 (£109), Dash Cam 57 (£129) and Dash Cam 67W (£129).

    If you're keen on not overspending, then you'll definitely want to learn more about the £56 Nextbase Cabin View Camera. The small camera module has a 140-degree viewing angle and plugs into a Nextbase front-facing dash cam to give you a view of the inside of your car.

    Unusually, the £180 Mio MiVue 866 has a built-in battery, which lets you activate a basic parking mode even without a permanent power supply. Of course, this only works for short periods - for longer spells you'll still need to hardwire it.

    Our list of recently-tested dash cams also includes:

    Our dash cams expert says

    'Over the past few weeks, we've seen plenty of dash cams packed with interesting features. Many have a parking mode, which allows them to turn on and start recording when they detect any impact or motion around your vehicle. This usually requires you to hardwire the dash cam into your vehicle's battery, which can be fiddly, or require expert installation.

    Felix Wilson, dash cam expert, Which?

    Our tests prove that you don't always need to spend big to land yourself a Which? Best Buy dash cam. See which models come highly recommended with our dash cam reviews.

    Latest camera reviews

    • A camera we were impressed by: 80% - serves up top-class image quality and usability
    • A camera that didn't perform so well: 71% - a decent fit if you're shopping for a travel camera, but we have tested cheaper cameras that perform even better
    Nikon Z fc

    Prices for digital cameras can creep beyond the £1,000 mark, so make sure you consult our expert reviews to ensure you're getting good value for money.

    We've recently been hands-on with the £600 Sony ZV-E10, a mirrorless camera with an interchangeable lens. This Sony model uses an APS-C sensor, shoots 4K video and has a bokeh switch that creates a unique blur effect on out-of-focus parts of your snaps.

    If you've got more money to play with, check in with our Nikon Z fc review (£1,000). The 80s-styled Nikon Z fc uses a mirrorless system that makes it feel like a compact camera despite having interchangeable lenses like a DSLR.

    You may also be interested in:

    Our camera expert says

    'This winter, we've tested one of the most impressive mirrorless cameras to come through our test lab, based on image quality and key performance benchmarks like autofocus speed and tracking, face detection and low-light performance. Newly-released DSLR cameras are drying up fast and most new cameras are mirrorless, with electronic viewfinders and lighter bodies. If you're thinking of buying your first high-end camera for the new year, mirrorless technology is as good an investment as ever as the library of lenses grows, too.'

    Jake Massey, camera expert, Which?

    Find out which cameras will take a beautiful shot whether you're taking pictures in the middle of the day or in low light. Head over to our digital camera reviews.

    Latest mobile phone reviews

    • A mobile phone we were impressed by: 83% - this fabulous smartphone has a stunning display and a brilliant set of cameras
    • A mobile phone that didn't perform so well: 66% - let down by flawed cameras and a low-quality display
    Google Pixel 6

    If you're shopping for a capable Android mobile, the £600 Google Pixel 6 might be one to add to your shortlist. This phone has a 6.4-inch display, 8GB of Ram (ideal for running multiple apps at once) and runs on the new Android 12 update.

    Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone 13 (£779) has also been fighting for a Which? Best Buy title. This latest release has a 6.1-inch OLED display and two 12Mp cameras on the back - the main camera has a sensor-shift image stabilisation that was included in the iPhone 12 Pro (from £849).

    If you fancy something a little different, see how we got on with the shapeshifting Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 (£1,599). Samsung's foldable phone has two OLED screens, both with a high refresh rate of 120Hz.

    Our list of recently-tested mobile phones also includes:

    Our mobile phone expert says

    'Towards the end of 2021, we found Best Buys to suit different budgets in our smartphone tests. From Google's highly anticipated Pixel 6 range, to more budget-friendly models from Nokia and Xiaomi, we were impressed with wicked-fast processors and long battery lives. But not every model lived up to expectations, so be sure to check our reviews.'

    Amy Axworthy, mobile phone expert, Which?

    Whether you're team Android or team iOS, find out which phones are worth your hard-earned money. See our mobile phone reviews.

    Latest TV reviews

    • A TV we were impressed by: 76% - a fantastic TV with an exciting HDR effect and plenty of detail to enjoy
    • A TV that didn't perform so well: 44% - one of the worst-sounding TVs we've ever had to listen to.
    Philips 55OLED706/12

    OLEDs continue to take up more space in most brand's annual line-ups. While new high-end OLEDs (such as LG's OLED evo TVs) continue to command big prices, the changes aren't all one way. Philips has managed to release several OLED TVs for less than £1,000 and the £979 55OLED706/12 has more advanced features than LG's entry-level A1 OLED range.

    Our list of recently-tested TVs also includes:

    Our TVs expert says

    'OLED prices are coming down and so are sizes. The TX-48JZ1500B (£1,499) is 48 inches and 2021 is the first year Panasonic has released OLEDs this size. You're spoiled for choice when it comes to OLEDs, whether you want a smaller size or smaller price.'

    Martin Pratt, TVs expert, Which?

    To see which TVs have impressed in the Which? test lab this month, check in with our television reviews.

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