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What will Brexit mean for your travel, car and pet insurance?

Which? explains how a no-deal Brexit could impact your car insurance, travel insurance and pet insurance policies if you travel to Europe after 12 April 2019.

The travel insurance lottery: is your pre-existing medical condition covered?

Travel insurance customers with pre-existing medical conditions routinely face punitive premiums and tricky clauses. Which? looks at how you can find affordable cover.

Skiers on their own for medical bills, Foreign Office warns: how to protect your ski trip

As winter sports season gets closer, we explain why it's vital to take out the right type of travel insurance so that you're not stuck having to pay sky-high medical bills.

Revealed: the potentially life-changing cost of holidaying without travel insurance

Find out how much you'd spend on emergency medical treatment by country - and where it might set you back £29,000 - then get tips on finding the best policy.

Millions pre-book 2019 summer holidays: but is your trip protected?

Millions of us have already booked a 2019 summer holiday but should we book travel insurance now too? Find out as we explain how to get the right cover.

Exclusive: the insurance policy small print that baffles readers

The small print on a typical insurance policy document is harder to understand than Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time or Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Which? research shows.

Nationwide hikes overseas card fees: how much will you pay?

We take a look at how Nationwide's changes to its travel insurance terms, as well as the fees you pay when spending abroad will affect customers.

Four in ten travel insurance complaints upheld

Which? Travel reveals how travel insurance companies dodge paying out on claims, and names the worst offenders

Half of holidaymakers unaware of travel insurance exemptions

Nearly half of Brits don't know which activities are covered by their travel insurance, meaning they could be underinsured when they go abroad

Over half of Brits overestimate Ehic cover: are you protected?

We take a look at some of the common myths associated with an Ehic and how to make sure you get the right travel insurance protection during your trip. 

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