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Deep fat fryers advice guides

Deep fat fryers reviewed and rated

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We've tested and reviewed deep-fat fryers from leading brands, including Breville, DeLonghi and Russell Hobbs. Find out which ones we recommend.

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Don't get saddled with a deep-fat fryer that takes ages to produce sodden, disappointing chips. Instead, use our recommendations to get a speedy fryer that makes mountains of mouth-watering, golden fries without any trouble.

Our tests cover everything you need to know about a fryer before you buy it. And because we test each fryer in exactly the same way, you can easily compare them to find out which is the best one for you.

Which deep-fat fryer should I buy in 2017? 

The table below shows results from our in-depth, independent tests of deep-fat fryers. We've now stopped testing deep-fat fryers, but these previously tested models are still available, so use this table to find the best one for you.

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Deep-fat fryers
  Our verdict Quality of chips Ease of use Score


The best deep-fat fryer we've tested – it makes excellent chips quickly.

Pros: Chips and scampi come out well, quick to heat up and cook

Cons: Lid doesn’t lock, takes a while to cool down

Cooking capacity: 1kg



This is generally a good fryer, but the chips unfortunately aren't Best Buy quality.

Pros: Cooks and heats up very quickly, scampi cooks well, easy to empty oil after cooking

Cons: Fryer basket not secure, difficult to clean inside

Cooking capacity: 1.2kg



This is a decent fryer that can make quality chips, but it's not the most straightforward to use and clean.

Pros: Heats up quickly, well built, cooks chips well and includes recipe book

Cons: Larger size means it's heavy and takes longer to cool down, takes up a lot of counter and storage space

Cooking capacity: 1.3kg



This fryer is a reasonable budget option, though it's a bit too awkward to use.

Pros: Cooks and heats up quickly, chips and scampi come out fairly well

Cons: Difficult to wash the inside of the fryer, difficult to empty oil

Cooking capacity: 1kg



This is a mediocre fryer – it's speedy and the chips do cook well, but using it is frustrating.

Pros: Cooks chips very quickly and they come out well, heats up quickly

Cons: Short basket handle, viewing window gets fogged up, can’t drain basket properly

Cooking capacity: 1kg



You get what you pay for with this budget fryer unfortunately – it cooks chips, but they come out dry rather than fluffy.

Pros: Compact and easy to store, accurate temperature

Cons: Drain hook isn't very good, handle is very difficult to use, chips aren't great, hard to clean, poor build quality, small capacity

Cooking capacity: 200g


Table notes: We last tested deep fat fryers in 2011.

How we test deep-fat fryers

Our independent tests are designed to answer your key questions about deep-fat fryers, so you can be sure you buy a fryer that cooks well and is simple to use. 

We test how good each fryer is a cooking chips and scampi, how accurate its temperature controls are, how quick it is to heat and cool, and how easy it is to use and clean.

Find out more about our testing below:

Frying food

We fill each fryer with the maximum capacity of fresh chips and cook them until they're golden brown. We mark down fryers that produce greasy, soggy or undercooked chips.

The best fryers turn out evenly cooked chips that are golden and crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

We rate each fryer on how straightforward the cooking process is, including whether it's easy to keep an eye on the chips as they cook and take them out of the basket once they're done.

We also cook up to 200g of frozen scampi in the fryer and rate it in a similar way, to ensure you end up with a delicious, evenly cooked meal.

Temperature controls

To ensure chips are cooked to taste, whether you like them slightly crispier or a bit softer, we set the temperature control on each fryer to different temperatures and measure the actual temperature of the oil to see whether it's accurate. We also check how long it takes to heat up.

For when you're done cooking, we check how long it takes each fryer to cool from 190°C to 50°C. Quick models will take less than two hours to cool, but it can take between two and four hours for a fryer to return to a safe temperature.

Ease of use and cleaning

We look at how user-friendly the controls and instructions are, whether you can see your food while its cooking to check progress, how easy it is to add and remove food, and whether you're likely to get a face full of oily steam while using the fryer.

We also assess how easy it is to clean both the inside and outside of the fryer, and how easy it is to change the oil.

For any models with a locking lid, we fill the fryers with oil and tip them over to see if any leaks out. The best fryers keep the oil inside the fryer or only leak a very small amount. The worst allow oil to leak onto your worktop.

How our scores work

Here's how the overall scores you can see in the table breaks down:

  • 60% performance (time to heat up, accuracy of temperature controls, time to cool down, cooking fresh chips and scampi, oil leakage)
  • 20% ease of use
  • 10% ease of cleaning
  • 10% build quality

Fryers scoring 70% or above are considered first-rate chip fryers and are rated as Best Buys.

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