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Best cabin bags for Ryanair flights

By Callum Tennent

Ryanair's cabin bag allowance is famously scrooge-like. We round up the best bags we’ve tested that fit Ryanair's cabin bag restrictions 

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Many of us have become used to flying with just a cabin bag, but it’s essential you pick luggage that meets the size restrictions of the carrier you mostly fly with – otherwise, you’ll have to pay a hefty fee at the gate.  

Our tests of cabin bags have found that the manufacturer’s official measurements don’t always match reality. All nine bags we measured in our most recent test were a centimetre or two bigger or smaller than the official size. This might not matter, except that in at least one instance those extra couple of centimetres could mean the bag won’t be allowed on board a Ryanair flight.

Ryanair cabin baggage allowance is strict. It allows one main cabin bag, that must be no more than 55x40x20cm in size, and a second smaller laptop bag or handbag. Ryanair has warned passengers that it will ‘rigorously enforce’ cabin baggage rules this summer.

Don’t get caught out at the airport with a bag that’s too big.  Use our table below to make sure that your luggage you buy is guaranteed to pass any at the gate Ryanair measurement test.

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Best cabin bags for Ryanair flights


If you're flying with Ryanair then there's no better carry-on bag on the market right now. From our water resistance test to being loaded up with weights and dropped, this bag took everything we had to throw at it in our lab. It’s also light, despite the hard shell and generous capacity, meaning you can get full value from Ryanair’s 10kg weight allowance. Sign in to see what cabin bag we're talking about.


If you want a classic, soft-sided cabin bag that does the job well, this case is the one for you. It’s impressively comfortable to lift and pull around, and it proved to be durable as well, making it an excellent all-rounder for your travels. It’s also more affordable than some of its big-name rivals, so it’s certainly one for your wishlist.


A well-earned Best Buy, this cabin bag is a compact case with the traditional two wheels and soft-sided material. It didn't seem like a winner on paper but after going through our rigorous durability tests and emerging unscathed, it would certainly be the perfect case for those bumpy airport conveyor belts. It could’ve done better for waterproofing but it’s still a great choice.


This strangely named cabin bag is the perfect example of a durable case that’s easy to get around. It managed to withstand our durability tests with no signs of damage to the case, and it was a dream to manoeuvre. It’s slightly pricey and its sizing and larger than most, so make sure it fits your baggage requirements before taking it on a trip.

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Luggage that's practical

We’re cruel to bags at our test lab. They’re sprayed with water for two minutes, to simulate the effects of a sudden storm. We load them up with weights and drop them, twice, first from 90cm and then 150cm, to make sure you don’t buy a bag that will break easily.

To be sure, we also jerk them into the air by the handle and lower them 100 times. That’s the same number of times we wrench the zip back and forth. Finally, they’re hurled diagonally at the floor, as though by a disgruntled baggage handler keen to get to the pub.

All so you can be sure you’ll get a bag that lasts, and fits on board.


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