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Updated: 14 Apr 2022

The cheapest place to buy nappies

Find out where you can save the most money shopping for your baby's nappies, whether you buy Pampers or prefer the cheaper supermarket nappy ranges
Sabrina Sahota
Baby in nappy on changing table

Nappies are a huge expense for parents, so whether it's Pampers or a supermarket own brand, you want to make sure you're getting the best deal possible and saving money where you can.

Pampers nappies are the most popular nappy brand in the UK, and for many new parents it's their first choice. But Pampers can work out more expensive than supermarket own brands, such as Asda Little Angels or Tesco Fred & Flo. 

And with a newborn powering through between six and 12 nappies a day, you won't be left with much spare change. 

Whatever brand you go for, find out where to shop, when to find a deal and take a look at our top tips for saving money on the disposable nappies you buy. 

Where's the cheapest place to buy Pampers nappies?

We looked for the cheapest place to buy stage 4 nappies as these are popular with parents of young babies, and they're the size we test in our nappy reviews.

We tracked the price of a 44-pack of Pampers Baby-Dry size 4 maxi (8-16kg) nappies and looked for the best price for a single pack.

You can save a lot by shopping around for your nappies. Our table below shows where you could get these Pampers size 4 nappies for the cheapest price from 1 April 2021 to 1 April 2022. 

StoreAverage priceCheapest priceAverage price per nappy

Tesco Clubcard














For you thrifty shoppers, Tesco was the place to go if you were part of its Clubcard scheme. For almost two thirds of the year, you could pick up a pack for £4.50 by using your Tesco Clubcard. 

Without a Tesco Clubcard, a pack cost £7 up until April 2022 when the cost went up to £8 (an increase of around 2p per nappy). 

Asda had the next cheapest average price over the year, at £6.35. They were available at £4.25 for 28 days in April 2021, with similar rollback offers in August and December at £4.50 per pack, so you would need to be a regular customer to bag a deal. 

Morrisons, Waitrose and Ocado were the most expensive at an average price of £9 for a pack. While the prices of individual packs weren't reduced at these supermarkets, they did have some multibuy offers.  

To help you work out whether a price is good when you're in the store, check the cost per nappy in our table above. It was just 14p on average at Asda, and 20p at Morrisons, Waitrose and Ocado – considerably higher. 

Stack nappies 473492

Best price for supermarket own-brand nappies 

Most supermarket own-brand nappies tend to work out cheaper than premium brands such as Pampers. 

We also compared the price of a 48-pack of size 4 nappies across supermarket nappy ranges and looked for the best price for a single pack from 1 April 2021 to 1 April 2022. 

Own-brand nappiesAverage priceCheapest priceAverage price per nappy
Lidl Lupilu Size 4 Maxi£2.63£2.595p
Aldi Mamia Ultra-dry Size 4£2.70£2.596p
Morrisons Nutmeg Ultra Dry Size 4£2.78£2.696p
Tesco Fred & Flo Ultra Dry Size 4£2.99£2.996p
Sainsbury's Little Ones Dry Fit Size 4 Maxi£3.00£3.006p
ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect Size 4£3.13£2.997p
Baby Ocado Ultra Dry Size 4 (pack of 50)£4.50£4.509p

The best place to grab a bargain was Lidl, with an average cost of £2.63 over the course of a year – around 5p per nappy. Aldi wasn't far behind with an average cost of £2.70 of the year. Lidl nappies are trickier to get hold of as you can't buy them online, but if you have a store nearby you could make a decent saving. 

Sainsbury's nappies have consistently stayed at £3 throughout the year, but Asda's have gone up in price, starting at £2.99 per pack in April 2021 and increasing by 26p per pack to £3.25 in April 2022.

Baby Ocado nappies were the most expensive at an average price of £4.50. For 17 days in October they were on a multibuy offer at £4 per pack (two packs for £8), but this was still a higher price than other supermarket nappies. 

Most supermarket offerings work out at an average of 6p per nappy, so it's worth picking up a pack during your next shop to see how you get on with them. 

Are multibuy offers worth it? 

man buying nappies

If you're able to frequently find multibuy offers, you could end up never paying the higher price. 

A multibuy is when two or more products are offered at a discounted price when bought together, compared with the price when bought separately. 

The best offer at Waitrose saw a 44-pack of Pampers Baby-Dry size 4 nappies cost £5 when you bought them on a multibuy at 3 packs for £15. Only the Tesco Clubcard price, when available, was cheaper than this. 

This was followed by Morrisons and Ocado, which had two packs for £11, working out at £5.50 per pack. 

Be careful not to stock up when your baby is nearly at the end of the weight limit, though. You don't want to be stuck with 100 nappies that don't fit anymore. 

Not sure which nappies are best for your little one? Compare the brands we've named the best nappies.

How to save money on disposable nappies

Even if you're using a cheaper brand such as Aldi Mamia, disposable nappies work out more expensive than reusable nappies

Follow these tips to save money on disposable nappies:

  • Buy larger packs to reduce costs. But be wary of bulk-buying too much in one size – especially for newborns and younger babies – as your baby may outgrow them sooner than you expect.
  • Take advantage of special offers. If you're not loyal to one particular brand, special offers can really help you to save. The competition between nappy manufacturers is such that offers are often available. Subscription services such as Amazon Family offer up to 15% off nappies, including Pampers.
  • Look out for free nappies and money-off nappy vouchers through baby clubs.

Take a look at our best disposable nappies guide to find out how parents rate disposable nappy brands and which ones top our tests and are Best Buys.