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Vented tumble dryers

By Matt Stevens

Struggling to decide which type of tumble dryer is the best fit for your home? Read on to find out all you need to know about vented dryers.

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Vented dryers are the most popular type of tumble dryer in the UK, and entry-level vented models are generally the cheapest tumble dryers of all.

Vented dryers pump the warm damp air from the drum out through a hose, which has to be connected to a wall or window vent. As this hose will need to be installed, vented tumble dryers aren’t suitable for all homes.

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How much do vented tumble dryers cost?

Prices for vented tumble dryers can cost as little as £150 to buy, but prices for premium models are close to £1,000. Our tests show it's worth spending over £250 if you want to get yourself a decent vented tumble dryer. But price does not always guarantee quality make sure you check our best tumble dryer reviews before you buy.

Typically, vented models add around £66 to your annual electricity bills, but that figure will vary with the size of the drum. As a rough guide, expect a 6kg-capacity model to add £63 to your annual electricity bills, a 7kg-capacity drum to add £70, and an 8kg-capacity drum to add £77.

As a rough guide, expect a 6kg-capacity model to add £63 to your annual electricity bills

It’s also possible to buy vented tumble dryers which use mains gas rather than electricity. These models cost half as much to run (or less) but need to be installed by a Gas Safe Engineer. Find out more about gas tumble dryers.

What are the pros and cons of vented tumble dryers?

Pros: electric vented tumble dryers are cheaper and generally use less energy than condenser models.

Cons: vented tumble dryers need to be positioned near a window or wall vent so the hot damp air can be released outdoors via the dryer's hose.


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