1 Top 3 wedding horrors video

In our survey, we found out newlyweds could be losing out on thousands of pounds as they choose not to complain about poor wedding services, with just one in five complaining to the service provider. 

See our video for three of our top wedding horrors, and read on for how to avoid them. 

2 Complain to the service provider

If you’re unhappy with any part of the wedding service you receive, you should explain your problem to the service provider straight away.

Problems like an inappropriate playlist from a DJ, or lack of food may be able to be resolved then and there.

3 Write a letter of complaint

If your problem isn't resolved, write a letter of complaint to the service provider as soon as you can. 

Explain what’s wrong, and what you want done to rectify it.

You should always give the service provider an opportunity to make amends, because you have a duty to keep your claim as small as reasonably possible.

If you want to claim a refund, you can use our letter to request a refund for a wedding service.

4 Use the small claims court

Before going to court you should have exhausted all other methods of complaint to try to resolve your issue. 

If your service provider is a member of a professional body, consider complaining to that body before going to court.

Write to the service provider using our template letter before going to court.

If you need to go to court, remember to bring evidence with you. You must prove that reasonable care and skill was not used in the delivery of your service.

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