House swap liabilities

As your agreement is likely to be with another private individual in a different country, resolving any disagreements over the way your property has been treated is going to be complex.

But there are ways of ensuring you can get redress if things go wrong.

Make sure you have a comprehensive contract covering the parties' rights and obligations, just as you would if you were renting your property out long term.

Top Tips

  • Ensure you have a comprehensive contract covering all rights and obligations
  • Get references about the people who'll be using your home
  • Check to see if your household insurance will cover the house swap

House swap references

Most reputable exchange companies should be able to provide you with such an agreement as part of their service. 

But check the wording yourself to ensure you're happy with what it covers and that there are no obvious omissions.

Also get references about the people who will be using your home and try to get to know them before you agree to the arrangement.

House swap insurance

Household insurers may agree to cover any accidental or malicious damage to your property or possessions for the period of the holiday swap.

But you must inform your insurer beforehand of the swap arrangements.

Your insurer may adjust the cover or may change the amount of excess needed to pay on any claims. 

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