Train delay refund

If you decided not to travel by train because of a delay or cancellation, you must be paid a full refund.

A full refund also applies if you have begun your journey but are unable to complete it due to delay or cancellations and return to your point of origin.

If you do decide to travel, see our guide to claim compensation or a refund for a train delay or cancellation.

How to get your refund

You can try to get an immediate refund by going to the ticket office at the time you decide not to travel.

You may be asked to return your ticket to the retailer it was bought from, which includes third-party retailers such as the The Trainline or

If you are asked to do this, get in touch with them to reclaim your refund, stating the date and time you had intended to travel.

When you’ll get your money back

If you’re not able to get your ticket refunded straight away at the train station, your refund application should be processed without undue delay. Any refund due should be paid within 14 days of your claim being agreed by the train company.

This applies to all tickets, including tickets that are otherwise non-refundable, such as advance tickets.

You should not be asked to pay an administration fee in these circumstances and you should be repaid in the format in which you paid.

You don’t have to accept rail vouchers, even if you bought your ticket with a rail voucher. The same goes for tickets bought online, over the phone or through a travel agent.

Consumer Rights Act travel amendments

If you’re paying to travel by train you’re purchasing a service, and it must be provided with reasonable care and skill.

If the service you’ve received falls way below the standard you’d expect and you think the train company has failed to deliver the service with reasonable care and skill, you might be entitled to claim a full or partial refund. 

You may also be able to claim for reasonable additional losses that were caused by the cancellation.

See our guide to claim a refund or compensation for a train journey that's been provided without reasonable care and skill.

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