The entertainment was late

Before you book your entertainment, make sure you give the performer the specific times within which you wish them to perform. 

If your entertainment arrives late, first of all you should complain directly to the entertainment provider. 

They may be able to perform for longer or add in additional services on the day to make up for the delay.

If they're unable to offer satisfactory compensation for the delay on the day, then you should be able to claim a partial refund for the amount of time they failed to perform.


  • You may be able to claim a partial refund if your entertainment turns up late to play at your wedding
  • If your entertainment doesn't arrive at all, you are entitled to a full refund

The entertainment didn't arrive

If the entertainment you booked for your big day doesn't arrive, then the entertainment provider is in breach of contract and must provide a full refund.

If the lack of entertainment significantly impacts on your day, you may also be eligible for compensation.

We don’t like the DJ's music

Before booking your DJ make sure you listen to them perform to make sure you like them. 

If there are songs you definitely want played, make sure your DJ knows about this beforehand.

It may also be an idea to ask the venue if they know of a tried and tested local DJ. Most venues do weddings every week and will get to know who is good and not so good. 

In a recent Which? survey nearly one in ten people (8%) married in the last five years said they were dissatisfied with their wedding entertainment.  

If you’re unhappy during your reception, let the DJ know. They may be able to change their set to cater more to your needs.

The DJ is obliged to provide a service with reasonable care and skill. 

If they haven't brought appropriate music with them to the venue, or are unwilling to perform music you request, you may be eligible for a refund.

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