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Consumer Rights.

Updated: 10 Jun 2021

My broadband is slow or often interrupted, what can I do?

You're entitled to get the broadband service you've been promised, know what you can do if your service isn't what it should be.
Which?Editorial team

Not the broadband service you were promised?

Whenever you have a contract with a service provider, you're entitled to get the service that you were promised and which you contracted for. 

You're also entitled to have that service provided with reasonable skill and care. If you don’t then your broadband service provider could be in breach of contract.

Whether or not your broadband provider has breached the contract, will depend on exactly why you're experiencing slow speeds or interruptions to your service, how frequently it happens or how long you are without a connection.

Broadband is an essential part of modern life, yet the service many of us get simply isn’t good enough. We need your help to fix bad broadband.

Key Information

Check Your Speed

You can use the free Which? Broadband speed checker tool to find out if your speed matches what you've been sold.

Is it your router? 

If you're experiencing regular interruptions to your broadband service then check that it's not due to factors outside your provider's control such as the router, the way you've set up your broadband or a problem with your phone line. 

Sometimes this won’t be apparent until someone checks, so you may need to get an engineer to take a look for you. 

If the interruptions turn out not to be down to your broadband provider, you'll probably be responsible for the engineer's call out charge.

The Ofcom voluntary code

The Ofcom code is voluntary, but many of the biggest suppliers are signed up. You can find an up-to-date list of broadband providers who've signed up to the code on Ofcom's website.

These providers must give you the expected range of maximum speeds for your line at the point of sale. They must help you with your speed issues, and if your speed remains below your minimum guaranteed,  they must let you exit your contract penalty-free. Or alternatively you can agree to continue the contract at a lower monthly cost.

You can find your minimum guaranteed broadband speed in the information your provider sent you after the sale or upgrade.

And if you want to change broadband supplier you only have to notify the company you wish to move to. Your new supplier will then handle every aspect of the change.

Consider switching broadband providers

If your broadband provider cannot address your concerns it might be time to consider switching broadband providers.

You can use Which? Switch to compare broadband services, and find the right package for you.