My wedding transport was late

Whether you can get a refund for late wedding transport depends on how late it was and what the terms of the contract were.

Unless the contract says otherwise, you can argue that the contract is to get you to the wedding service or reception by a certain time.

However, some companies may try and include clauses that mean they can arrive late without being held liable for it.

In this case, it's important to note how late the transport was and how reasonable the delay was. 

A delay of an hour is unlikely to be reasonable, whereas a delay of ten minutes would be considered acceptable.


  • Check the terms and conditions of your contract as there may be clauses that say the provider is not liable for any delays
  • If there is an unacceptable delay - more than an hour, for instance - you may be able to claim a partial refund
  • If your transport doesn't arrive and you have to pay for alternative transport you can claim a full refund

Unreasonable delays

If your transport was delayed for an unreasonable amount of time, you may be able to claim a partial refund and compensation - even if the contract says the transport provider can't guarantee there won't be delays.

This is because you can argue that this is an unfair contract term and the contract should be to get you to the venue on time.

You’re unlikely to get a refund if there have been extraordinary circumstances that make the delay unavoidable. 

For example, freak weather conditions or some other large disaster. In such a case if you have wedding insurance check whether it covers this.

The transport didn’t arrive at all

If the transport didn't arrive at all, then your provider is in breach of contract and you'll be eligible for a full refund and possibly compensation for the upset caused.

If you have to obtain last minute transport in order to get to your wedding, you should also be able to claim any reasonable additional costs from the original transport provider.

You can use our step-by-step guide to complain about a wedding service provider.

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