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Switch energy supplier

Which? Switch gives you a transparent and impartial way to compare energy tariffs and find the best gas and electricity provider for your needs.

Will my power be cut off?

Your supply won't be cut off. Ofgem will continue supplying your energy as normal and it will move you to a new supplier as part of their 'safety net'. So, you don't need to switch.

This new supplier is called the ‘supplier of last resort’. Your energy supply won't be disrupted.

Will my tariff change?

Your old tariff will end and you will be set up on a special ‘deemed’ contract - this means a contract you haven’t chosen - with your new supplier.

This contract can last until you change it.

Take a meter reading now

Take a meter reading as soon as possible to track how much you’ve used and keep it safe. This will be very helpful in the transfer process. 

Will my energy bills go up?

According to Ofgem, it's likely your energy bills will go up as 'deemed' contracts are usually more expensive.

Once you have been contacted by your new supplier, you should ask them to put you on their cheapest deal. Or, shop around for a cheaper supplier.

You won’t be charged exit fees if you decide to go with a different supplier to the one Ofgem has chosen for you.

Should I cancel my direct debit?

Ofgem have told us that customers do not need to worry about cancelling their direct debit. If you are in credit the energy supplier will not take any direct debit payments from you.

If you are in debt and owe money to the energy supplier any direct debit payments will be taken as normal.

All customers need to do is to wait until they are contacted by their new supplier who will help them set up their new account and explain what happens with their credit balance.

If you’ve already cancelled your direct debit wait until your new supplier has got in touch with you. 

They will help you set up a new account and will be able to tell you what will happen with any credit balance you may have with your old supplier.

Will my credit move with me?

Your new supplier will pay back the outstanding credit you may have.

Once Ofgem has appointed the new supplier, they will contact you to explain how this will work. This could be something as simple as automatically crediting money to your new account.

It's a good idea take a meter reading and a note of the balance if you know it, and to wait for your new supplier to get in touch with you.

What happens to my debt?

This depends on what your new supplier agrees with your old supplier’s administrators.

If your new supplier has arranged to take on the customer debt of your old supplier, you will need to pay back the debt to your new supplier.

If this has not been arranged, you won't have to pay your new supplier any money you owed to your old supplier. However, you may still have to pay it back your old supplier or their administrator.

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