Are you being fobbed off by your energy supplier over switching? Or is your complaint going nowhere? Maybe your meter has been mis-read. Our guides can help you solve your energy problems.

Energy billing & payments

Having problems with your energy bill or are you unhappy with your energy repayments? Our guides can help you find out how to resolve your issue and may even help you exit your contract without paying a penalty charge.

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Meter problems

An inaccurate meter reading can have an unwanted impact on your monthly energy bills but you can challenge the readings and complain to your energy provider. Read our guides to find out how to complain about meter problems.

Power cuts

Even brief power cuts can be disruptive and inconvenient, but in some cases it can take a long time to restore power. In these cases you may be due compensation.Find out under what circumstances you can claim compensation and what to do if you experience multiple interruptions.

Water and sewerage problems

When you experience problems with water or sewerage, we know you’ll want to get things fixed quickly - especially if there's no water all at. We explain the complaints procedure for common water problems and your rights.