Letter of complaint about broadband speed

If you're not receiving the broadband speed that was promised at the time of signing your contract, you can use this letter to complain to your broadband provider.
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[Your postal address]

[Broadband provider]

[Company address]

Dear Sir or Madam

On [the date your broadband started] I contracted with you for [the name of your broadband package]

I entered into the contract on the basis of being provided with estimated speeds of [your promised speed]. In practice I’m only achieving speeds of [your actual access line speed].

[Include further evidence here like a log of your speeds, and any previous communication you’ve had with your broadband provider on the issue.]

[Choose the first statement below if your broadband provider has signed the Ofcom voluntary code an your after sale information letter, email or online account says you can exercise the right to exit if your speed issue hasn't been resolved and is still below the minimum guarantee. Choose the second statement below if your broadband provider has not signed the voluntary code]

I am formally notifying you of this poor service and expect you to resolve it within 14 days. If you are unable to do so, I consider you in breach of contract and will be writing to request I leave my contract immediately and without penalty as outlined in Ofcom’s Code of Practice.


I am formally notifying you of this poor service and expect you to resolve it within 14 days. I would also encourage you to sign up to Ofcom’s Code of Practice to enhance consumer protection for broadband contracts.

Yours faithfully

[First name, Last name]

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