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Dear Sir/Madam,

[Reference: order number]

On [date], I bought/placed the above order with you for [item]. The [item] has still not been delivered.

We agreed at the time I placed the order that it would arrive [on date / within timeframe].

Under the Consumer Rights Act you are required to deliver the [item] to me at the agreed time. As I have still not received [item], and it is past the agreed time, I believe you’re in breach of contract.

I made it known to you that it was essential that [item] be delivered to me by [on date / within timeframe].


It should have been obvious that delivery of [item] by this deadline was essential.

As it was essential for me to receive the [item] by [date] and it has not been delivered, I consider our contract at an end and will expect you to refund me the full purchase price of [£xx].

Yours faithfully,

[Your name]

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