Bought something recently that suddenly stopped working? Or was your online order left on the doorstep without your permission and stolen? Our advice can help resolve your shopping problems and get money back if things go wrong.

Shopping Returns

Know your returns rights

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Whether faulty or undamaged, sometimes you need to return an item. Know your shopping returns rights.

Online shopping

When you shop online, your rights are protected under the Consumer Contracts Regulations as well as the Consumer Rights Act. Our guides can help if you have a problem with an online order.

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Delivery rights

If you’ve had a damaged delivery or it didn’t arrive at all, your rights are protected by the Consumer Rights Act and the Consumer Contracts Regulations. Our guides can help you make a complaint.

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Returns & refunds

Under the Consumer Rights Act, you have the right to a return or refund if something you buy is faulty or unfit for purpose. We help you navigate the law so you're not left out of pocket.

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Faulty goods

Do you know your rights if something you buy develops a fault? Goods must be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. If not, you could get your money back - our guides can help.

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Undelivered goods

It can be really frustrating if you order a product for delivery, only for it to take ages to arrive or not turn up at all. Knowing your rights can remove some of the stress and help get your order faster – or your money back.


When you hit the sales - whether it's for half-price clothes or a new TV - your rights are still protected by the Consumer Rights Act. Read our guides to sale shopping to make sure you know your rights.


All electrical items are sold with a warranty yet retailers also sell extended warranties. But what’s covered and what’s not? Knowing what to expect is important if something goes wrong. Read our guides to find out all you need to know.

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Special offers

Special offers you see in the supermarket may not always be that special - sometimes costing more than items not on offer. Read our guides to see what to do if you’ve been mis-led by supermarket special offers.

Second-hand goods

If your second-hand goods aren’t what you expected, you may be entitled to a refund. Whether you can get one will depend on who you’ve bought your items from - a trader or an individual. Read our guides to learn more.


When a company goes into administration it can be confusing as to whether you’ll still be able to use your vouchers. Read our guides to find out the best thing to do with vouchers when a company goes bust.

Doorstep selling

Doorstep sellers can be very persuasive but you do have rights if you’ve been mis-sold or simply change your mind after signing a contract. The Consumer Contracts Regulations cover your cancellation rights. Read our guides to find out more.

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