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[Company address]

Dear Sir/Madam


I booked to hire a [insert car type] with you [dates, location, and price]

When I arrived to pick up the car I was told that the car that I had hired was not available and all of the cars were fully booked.

I complained immediately to your representative but the matter was not resolved to my satisfaction.

It was an express term of the contract between us that I would be provided with a [insert car type] on [dates, location, and price].

Your failure to provide any car constitutes a breach of that contract. This caused considerable disappointment and inconvenience and I had to hire an alternative car.

I am entitled to compensation for the consequences of your breach of contract. 

As I experienced [problem], I look to you to pay me [£xx] in compensation, calculated on the basis of [details of the cost of hiring an alternative car].

I look forward to receiving your proposals for reparation within the next 14 days.

If I do not hear from you with a satisfactory response to this letter within 14 days then I will proceed to start legal action against you in accordance with the civil procedure pre action protocol.

Yours faithfully,

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