Mobile Phones

Most of us are lost without our mobile phones so it can be frustrating if your phone develops a fault or you lose signal. Or what if your provider raises its prices and you want to end your contract early? Our guides can help.

Mobile phone complaints

Sometimes complaining directly to your mobile phone company isn’t enough to fix your problem - you have to escalate your complaint through official channels. Our guides help you do this and help you refer complaints to the ombudsman.

Mobile phone billing

If you have a query about your mobile phone bill but are having trouble resolving it, there are steps you can take. Read our guides to help you deal with billing issues, who to complain to and what to do if you’re hit by unexpected charges.

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Lost or stolen mobile phone

It can be quite upsetting if you discover your mobile phone has been lost or stolen but it can be worse if your phone is then used to make unauthorised calls. Our guides explain what to do so you’re not left out of pocket.

Faulty mobile phones

If your mobile phone develops a fault, it can be replaced or repaired under the Consumer Rights Act. But your rights depend on whether you bought it outright or as part of a contract. Our guides help you get texting and calling in no time.

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Phone bills & costly calls

Premium phone numbers can end up being very costly but there are things you can do to avoid being stung by high charges. Our guides help you understand the regulations that protect you.

Small claims court

If you have a serious complaint about a company and are having difficulties getting it resolved, the small claims court may help. Our guides explain how the small claims court works and when it’s worth using it.