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Bosch dishwasher recycles waste water

New dishwasher from Bosch cuts water use in half

Bosch water-saving dishwasher

The new Bosch SMS63E12GB uses just seven litres of water to wash a full load

An innovative new Bosch dishwasher which claims to halve the amount of water needed to wash a full load of dishes has been unveiled.

Bosch tells us its SMS63E12GB dishwasher only uses seven litres of water on its main Auto 45-65 program – that’s about half of what you’d expect from a full-sized machine like this one that can accommodate 13 place settings or 137 items. The dishwasher is available to buy now priced around £550.

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Water-saving Bosch dishwasher

To save water, the Bosch dishwasher stores water from the previous final rinse cycle in a patented internal reservoir and then uses it for the first part of the next wash. This is dirty water, but it’s only being used for the physical work in the first part of the next wash, to knock off lumps of food from dishes.

After this first stage the new Bosch dishwasher then uses just seven litres of water per wash, according to the manufacturer. If you don’t use the dishwasher for a while, the dirty water stored internally will be released. This means not every wash cycle will make the full water saving, but most will in homes where the dishwasher is used regularly.

Dishwasher innovations

Which? dishwashers expert Matt Stevens says: ‘This dishwasher could redefine the UK’s dishwasher market. Bosch has provided an exciting and innovative solution to the problem of high water use in dishwashers, and if its claims are correct, this latest Bosch dishwasher could dramatically reduce the amount of water used to wash dishes. 

‘We’ll be testing the Bosch SMS63E12GB in May 2010 and we’ll publish the results and full review this summer.’

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