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The 11 best financial products

Which? reveals the money products you really need

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From bank accounts to wills, there are hundreds of financial products on the market. We look at the eleven that you really need to keep you safe and even help grow your nest egg. 

Bank accounts – a home for you cash

You can’t really live without a current account, but choosing the right one is a minefield and depends on whether you are looking for returns on your money, an overdraft or are interested in strong customer service. Our bank account guide will help you find Which? Recommended Providers (WRP) and Best Rates.

Beat burglars with home contents insurance 

Not insuring your contents could leave you in deep trouble. Contents insurance gives you peace of mind over your possessions if the worst should happen. 

Stay covered with buildings insurance

Floods, subsidence and damp are just a few of the nasties that can affect your home. And without decent buildings insurance you could find yourself seriously out of pocket. Our home insurance guide will show you the providers Which? recommends. 

Emergency money with credit cards

Plastic is vital in so many ways: you get protection on purchases via section 75; if you pay off your balance each month you can get cashback on certain cards; and they’re useful in an emergency. Visit our credit cards pages to find the right card for you.

Don’t drive without car insurance

If you’re driving without car cover then you’re breaking the law. However, finding a reasonably priced policy and getting quality customer care can be difficult – especially if you’re at either range of the age spectrum. Read our recommendations of the top car insurance providers.

Retire with a pension

If you want a decent standard of living in retirement,the state pension won’t cover it. If you have access to a company scheme, join it; otherwise look into personal or stakeholder pensions. And don’t forget to make sure to take annuities into account when you have to turn your pension into an income. 

Life insurance – a family safety net

Life insurance is a must-have if you have dependants. It’s not a pleasant thought, but, if you die young, you need to make sure your family is covered. Don’t put it off either, the younger you are, the cheaper it is.  

Travel insurance – don’t leave home without it

If you are going abroad, travel insurance is a top priority. If you are ill or in trouble overseas and don’t have cover, you could end up seriously out of pocket. Our travel insurance guide will help you find the best policies for your holiday needs.

Tax-free cash Isa

With savings rates so low, we need all the help we can with our nest eggs. Isas offer tax-free savings up to a limit of £10,200 until April 2011 (the limit will increase to £10,680 on April 6) and can be divided between cash (up to £5,100) and stocks and shares. Find the best rates with our cash Isa reviews.

Income protection if you can’t work

Income protection provides you with a regular income if you can’t work due to illness or disability. If your employer doesn’t cover your salary when you are sick, or you don’t have a big savings pot, it’s vital. 

Wills – protecting your assets

Wills aren’t something you really want to think about, but not writing one could mean real financial worry for your family. Making a will ensures your money goes to who you want it to.

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