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Bosch unveils new ‘40% less energy’ tumble dryer

New EcoLogixx 7 tumble dryer takes 7kg of clothes

Bosch EcoLogixx 7 WTW84560GB tumble dryer

Bosch’s new EcoLogixx 7 tumble dryer claims to be 40% more efficient than dryers which are rated ‘A’ for energy consumption.

The EcoLogixx 7 condensing dryer has been rated ‘A-40%’ for energy consumption by Bosch – it’s not an official energy label, but suggests the tumble dryer is 40% more efficient than an A-rated tumble dryer.

Which? tumble dryers expert Katie Hill said: ‘Tumble dryers can guzzle energy, and most of the ones we’ve tested come with a C-rating. It’s great to see manufacturers raising the bar and flaunting green credentials, but it’s really important that their claims reflect performance in everyday use.

‘It’ll be interesting to see how the EcoLogixx 7 performs in our lab. We’ll be testing its energy efficiency according to how we know tumble dryers are used at home.’ 

Energy-saving tumble dryers

This tumble dryer model uses heat pump technology, taking in and using heat from elsewhere – operating rather like a fridge, but in reverse – making it a more energy-efficient method of drying your laundry.

We’ve found in the past that appliances with impressive energy ratings don’t necessarily score highly for real-life energy efficiency in our tests, which is why it’s always a good idea to compare models before buying a tumble dryer. 

You can see how 13 other Bosch tumble dryers fared in the Which? test lab in our tumble dryer review.

Bosch EcoLogixx 7 tumble dryer

The EcoLogixx 7 can handle 7kg of clothes and features a time delay so customers with cheaper night rate electricity tariffs such as Economy 7, for example, can pre-set when they want the tumble dryer to switch on.

The EcoLogixx 7 is a condenser model, so it collects moisture from wet clothes in a water reservoir, which you must empty when it’s full. 

There are two versions of the EcoLogixx 7 available – the WTW84360GB, which has a solid door and costs around £628, and the WTW86560GB, which has a glass door and costs around £690.

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