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Second-hand pushchair buying tips

Get the best for your baby on a budget

Second-hand pushchairs

With parents needing to make their money go further in today’s gloomy economy, buying a second-hand pushchair is an attractive option. But with many factors to consider, Which? is here to help you make sure that even second-hand means first rate for your baby!

Which? surveyed 1,448 parents to ask how they had bought their pushchair. Although the majority of parents bought their pushchairs new, 17% got one second-hand*. 

We found that most people who bought second-hand pushchairs purchased them from eBay (35%), followed by buying from friends and family (29%).

Buying a second-hand pushchair

When buying a pushchair there are a lot of things to think about. We’ve put together a list of useful things to remember when shopping for a pushchair in our how to buy the best pushchair guide, including the specific features to look out for when buying a pushchair for a newborn, small baby or toddler. 

Our guide on buying second-hand baby equipment also has comprehensive lists of things to check when buying high chairs, stair gates and baby monitors second-hand. For pushchairs, always remember to: 

  • Check the brakes to make sure they work properly.
  • Make sure the wheels are correctly aligned.
  • Check the two locking mechanisms work so the pushchair won’t collapse.
  • The handles and frame should have no unusual bends or kinds, rust or paint flaking.
  • Look for tears in the fabric or signs that it has been weakened by use.
  • The pushchair should have a five-point harness to comply with current safety standards.
  • Open and close the pushchair a few times to check the mechanism still works.

You can also download our free guide, having a baby: what you need and when, for a range of different tips on all things baby, including pushchair and child car seat advice.

Pushchair reviews

To help you make a decision on what’s the best pushchair to buy, take a look at our pushchair reviews. Which? has tested over 180 pushchairs – with assessments from our experts and parent panel – looking at safety, durability and ease of use.

Once you’ve chosen the best pushchair for you and are ready to buy online, we recommend trying it out in a store that stocks it so you can check you are happy with using it.

Second-hand pushchairs on eBay

If you do choose to shop on eBay for your pushchair, make sure you look at our Consumer Rights website to find out what your rights are when buying on eBay and what to do if the item you receive isn’t in the condition it’s claimed to be in.


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*Base: 1,238 people (those who had bought a pushchair in the last 5 years and knew the brand of the pushchair).

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