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Top five most popular superminis

The superminis you've been searching for

More superminis are sold in the UK than any other class of car – more than 800,000 were sold in the UK in 2013 alone. We reveal the top five models that have been most popular with Which? readers so far this year.

Over the last 20 years superminis have transformed from compact, simple motors into much larger, often luxurious machines. The best modern superminis are easy to drive, nippy around town and unflustered by long motorway trips, making them a versatile choice.

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honda jazz 3

Honda Jazz – favourite with owners

The Honda Jazz is a firm favourite with Which? members and not without reason. This small car manages to cram a spacious and practical cabin into a compact supermini body. And it gives you the option to flip up the rear seat base to easily load large items like oversized pots or a mountain bike into the rear of the car.

The Jazz is also both comfortable to sit in and handles corners well. Our one big criticism is that the Jazz is expensive to buy new and second-hand. However, we’ve found a low mileage Honda Jazz for just £5,988 along with several other top used superminis for under £6,000.

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Ford Fiesta 3

Ford Fiesta – UK’s best-selling car

The Ford Fiesta is a common sight on British roads having sat steadily at the top of the best-sellers’ list for many years. And its popularity is well deserved, as the latest model is comfortable and enjoyable to drive. It comes with a range of impressive engines, and is competitively priced. Even so you can pick up a low-mileage, four-year-old model for under £6,000.

With a huge variety of Fiestas available, from an affordable but basic entry level model to a speedy and exciting Fiesta ST hot hatch version, most drivers should be able to find a model to suit.

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Toyota Yaris HSD (1)

Toyota Yaris – spacious and safe supermini

The Yaris may be small, but this supermini comes with an impressive five-star crash test score. It also has a roomy cabin. Toyota has one of the strongest reputations for building reliable cars, so the Yaris is also a sensible purchase.

If you are considering buying a Yaris, do bear in mind the small boot and firm ride to make sure that you can live with these negatives.

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Audi A1 – upmarket Mini rival

The A1 may be small in size, but one thing that definitely isn’t petite is the price. Even the most basic model will set you back more than £14,000, and if you plump for the range-topping S1 you’ll have to find a whopping £25,000 to put this car on your drive.

Cast aside the price, and the A1 is a sound, stylish alternative to the Mini hatchback, with the added benefit of three- and five-door options, and even four-wheel drive on the S1 versions. The A1’s small size means you will have to compromise on rear seat and boot space, however.

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Mazda2 (1)

Mazda 2 – fun-to-drive small car

The Mazda 2 may have been around since 2007, but this car still looks sharp today. The 2 is also fun to drive, although some other small cars are slightly more comfortable.

There’s lots of space up front too, although the rear seats are cramped. The boot isn’t the largest of any current supermini either. It’s affordable though – shop around online and you can find the 2 available from just over £9,000.

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