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September 2015’s cheapest supermarket basket

Which supermarket was cheapest in September?

September supermarket basket

Asda was cheapest for our September supermarket comparison basket

Each month, we analyse how much it will cost to buy a basket of goods from all the major supermarkets to discover which is cheapest. Asda was the cheapest for our supermarket comparison basket this month. 

Asda charged £159.98 for the 84 food and grocery products, which was £20.43 cheaper than the most expensive supermarket – Ocado. 

Asda has been cheapest for our basket throughout 2015, although the other supermarkets have changed order during this time. 

To find out the full results for all the major supermarkets, go to supermarket prices compared. 

Supermarkets in September – Tesco

Tesco is trialling a different way of displaying food in aisles, in a bid to help shoppers buy products more easily.

This new strategy includes grouping together items that shoppers commonly buy together. For example, home baking products and decorations, and tinned tomatoes with other ingredients for commonly-made meals – such as herbs and spices. The trial is taking place at 50 undisclosed stores.

Our annual supermarket survey not only reveals the best and worst supermarkets, but we also rate the supermarkets on how easy products are in find in store. This makes up part of the ‘filling your trolley’ star rating, which also includes product range and how likely items are to be in stock. 

You can find out how Tesco scored for this, plus discover which Tesco products are Best Buys, by clicking on Tesco.

Supermarkets in September – Aldi

Aldi reported a fall in its profits in September, despite sales surging to record levels. This happened as it created more jobs and kept prices low.

The firm also announced that it will be moving into online sales, as it continues to compete with its more established rivals. Aldi is also opening more stores, with 65 due to open this year – up from 54 in 2014.

Find out what Aldi’s customers think of it – we surveyed them on everything from trolleys to value for money.

Supermarket price comparison schemes

Many supermarkets have a price matching scheme. However, these schemes do vary, so to help you out we’ve put what the major ones are below:

  • Asda checks prices against Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or Morrisons and it will give you a voucher for the difference if it isn’t 10% cheaper
  • Morrisons compares against Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda and gives you the difference in points
  • Sainsbury’s has a price match for branded items only and compares against Asda
  • Tesco checks your prices against Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons and will give you a voucher for the difference if it’s cheaper elsewhere
  • Waitrose price matches Tesco on branded items and these are the prices it sells for.

Which?’s price comparison basket

Each month, we compare the price of between 75 and 100 food, drink and toiletry products at the major online supermarkets Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. 

We use data from the independent shopping website Mysupermarket and average the prices over the month, including discounts but not multibuys. 

The products are all from big brands and include a wide range of groceries – from toilet paper to jam, and from tea to shampoo.

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