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Most popular pushchair of 2015

Mothercare beats Bugaboo to the number one spot


The Mothercare Orb has a seat that spins 360 degrees and can be used from birth

The Mothercare Orb got parents in a spin in 2015. It was the most viewed pushchair review on which.co.uk in the last 12 months. 

The Orb comes with some great pros, including a seat that converts from a pram format to a pushchair, which saves parents buying a carrycot; and a seat that spins 360 degrees. 

Mothercare has dropped the price from £429 to below £300, which could be another of the reasons parents were so keen to find out how well it fared in tests. 

But just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean it’s a perfect pushchair. Our tough, independent testing found four key things parents should watch out for. 

Mothercare Orb pushchair reviewfind out the pros and cons before buying this popular pushchair

Top 10 pushchairs of 2015

Top brands Baby Jogger, Bugaboo and Silver Cross all make our top 10 popular pushchairs of 2015.   

To read in-depth test reviews of each model and see a detailed overview, click on the individual links below:

  1. Mothercare Orb, £275
  2. Bugaboo Cameleon 3, £875
  3. Mothercare Xpedior, £200
  4. Babystyle Oyster 2, £299
  5. Baby Jogger City Mini GT, £350
  6. Silver Cross Pioneer, £695
  7. Uppababy Vista, now available second-hand
  8. McLaren Quest, £200
  9. Uppababy Cruz, £450
  10. Uppababy Vista 2015, £450

Our popular pushchairs top 10 for 2015 has been compiled from the pushchair reviews viewed the most between 1 January 2015 and 31 December 2015 on which.co.uk.

Pushchair being tested for review by Which?

Which? pushchair testing: we check safety and durability as well as ease of use

Pushchairs put through their paces

Each pushchair we review undergoes a series of strength and durability tests designed to push that pushchair to the limit. 

Every pushchair is strapped to a bumpy treadmill, loaded with the weight of a 15kg child and a full shopping basket, then wheeled continually over 200km of  treadmill – roughly the distance from London to Birmingham – to see how each pushchair stands up to uneven pavements and potholes. We’ve seen wheels buckle, bolts sheer and handlebars break. 

Our pushchair experts check for choking hazards and finger-trap dangers, and once they’re satisfied the pushchairs are safe, well-built and durable, our parent testers get their hands on them to see how good they are at tackling a range of day-to-day tasks, such as navigating kerbs and around obstacles, folding, unfolding and getting your little one in and out. 

Best Buy pushchairsfind out which pushchairs top our tests 

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