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Top five pushchair trends for 2017

The latest innovations in fabric, shape and colour

Gb Pockit Plus

The super compact GB Pockit Plus travel system

If you’re buying a pushchair next year you need think leatherette, stroller systems and PYO (pick your own). 

Our pushchair experts were on the ground at the Kind und Jugend baby fair in Cologne to scout out the pushchair trends you’ll be seeing in 2017 – from high tech fabrics to super-lightweight travel systems, plus the ultimate in customisation to completely personalise your own pushchair.

Read on for our tip-off of the trends of 2017. If you want to buy now, browse our Best Buy pushchairs.

1. Lightweight stroller systems

GB Pockit Plus

The tiny GB Pockit Plus travel system, folded

We start with a trend that’s doubling down from 2016. As technology continues to do more with less, we want to see sleeker, more streamlined pushchairs, doing away with the bulk.

Hence the compact stroller moves from its traditional place as a secondary buggy into the spotlight as the number one choice for new baby transport. No longer will a basic buggy with an umbrella fold cut it. Instead think lightweight pushchair functioning as a full-on travel system.  

Quinny launches three new Quinny Zapp pushchairs in spring 2017 – the Xpress, Zapp Flex and Zapp Flex Plus – each of which will take a carry cot and car seat.

Quinny fan? Check out our Quinny pushchair reviews to see how existing models have done in our tests.

Or how about the world’s smallest travel system? We reviewed the super compact Mothercare XSS stroller earlier this year. Next year the company that designed it – GB – will release the Pockit Plus, the self proclaimed world’s smallest travel system. It’s like the XSS, but takes a car seat, so it’s a little bit bigger than the original, while still looking really tiny. 

See how the original stroller did in our Mothercare XSS review.

quinny yezz air

The new Quinny Yezz Air, with a high-tech knitted stretch fabric

2. High tech fabrics

Futuristic fabrics are filtering down from scientists to strollers next year, as pushchair manufacturers bring in modern materials to lighten the look and feel of everything from hoods to seats. The eagerly awaited Uppababy Vista 2017 includes a luxury, knitted fabric hood. And look out for the very funky looking Quinny Yezz Air, sporting a cool knit stretched to form the seat and legrest. 

Read our Quinny Yezz review.

3. Special editions and luxury touches

Splashing out for little luxury flourishes for your pushchair is going to be the new norm for 2017.

Uppababy Vista 2017

The Uppababy Vista 2017 with a knitted hood and leatherette finish

Our top luxe tip for next year is a touch of leatherette. We agree that the thought of faux anything doesn’t usually equal sophistication. But in this case, knowing that leatherette is a lot easier to dry out from baby drool than real leather, we can see why manufacturers chose this particular pushchair accent.

Look out for leather(ette) touches across the new Mamas & Papas Sola 2 Chrome, and the deluxe version of the Uppababy Vista 2017, among others.

If you want to go all out for a luxury pushchair the paparazzi will love (also featuring leatherette), the new Quinny Moodd, designed by Hollywood stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe, could be right up your street. 

For slavish followers of fashion who like something a little more loud, the Cybex lavish looking Birds of Paradise collection (coming soon) is certainly standout, and has apparently drawn its inspiration from the ‘latest catwalk trends,’ according to Cybex. 

4. Gender-muted colours

It’s mostly bye-bye to the bright, poppy pushchair designs we’ve seen in recent years, as these make way for more muted shades. We’re calling this trend an anti-trend – as if you’re going to invest in a premium pushchair, you want to know your colourway of choice not going to end up ‘so last year’ before this year is even out. These muted colours also continue the move away from overtly gendered colours (blues tones for boys and pinky/red tones for girls) which we’ve seen across nursery furniture and fabrics and, increasingly, pushchair colours in the last few years.

Joolz Day

Customisation options for the new Joolz Day – an array of handlebars and bumper bars

Silver Cross, Mamas and Papas and the new iCandy Strawberry Style collection all showcased a preference towards the understated and sophisticated.

5. Customisation

It’s pick and mix for pushchairs, as top brands quite literally put pushchair design into parents’ hands. We’re ever so impressed with the level of customisation the forthcoming Quinny Zapp range will offer. This includes a tool on the Quinny website and in retailers which allows parents to pick the colour of their pushchair chassis, sun canopy, seat cover, basket and footmuff, pushchair handles and shoulder pads.

Parents purchasing the coming-very-soon new Joolz Day 2 pushchair will also be able to take advantage of a similar array of choice.  

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