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Silvercross, Britax, Mamas & Papas and more: how mini-me prams measure up this Christmas

Find out which brands have created junior-sized versions of their prams and buggies, and how they compare with the full-size pushchairs

Silvercross, Britax, Mamas & Papas and more: how mini-me prams measure up this Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, you’ve probably already received the ubiquitous wishlist of toys from your nearest small person. If one of the items is a toy pram or pushchair, you could take inspiration from some of the biggest pram and pushchair brands around, as many now make miniature versions of their bestselling products.

Play Like Mum has worked in collaboration with Silver Cross recently to launch a range of children’s versions of its prams and pushchairs in time for Christmas, one of which is the Pioneer 5 in 1 (£59.99), a homage to the full-size pushchair of the same name.

We’ve picked out some of the best mini-me versions from many of the brands you recognise, to see how they compare with their bigger counterparts. Read on to pick your favourite or try out our quiz to see whether you can tell which is the adult pram and which is for dolls.

To discover the best (full-sized) pushchairs and buggies, read our pushchair reviews.

Silver Cross Pioneer

Silver Cross – Pioneer

Play Like Mum, a doll’s pushchair and pram manufacturer, has recreated some of the most popular Silver Cross pushchairs in smaller versions.

The Silver Cross Pioneer is a sturdy travel system with pushchair seat and carrycot. When we tested the non-toy version, we checked what it’s like to push over rough ground, how easy it is to fold and whether you’ll struggle to do up the harness when putting your baby in. Read the full Silver Cross Pioneer review to see how it did in those areas.

The mini-me version of the Pioneer comes with a carrycot included, and can be fixed to face either forward or rearwards. It also has a large shopping basket and height-adjustable handles. Find out more here.

iCandy Peach MiPeach

iCandy – Peach and MiPeach

If your little one is desperate to look just like mum or dad, the iCandy MiPeach is a dead ringer for the real Peach.

The Peach launched just over a year. ago. It did well when we tested how easy it was to handle on various ground surfaces, but some of our parent reviewers weren’t as impressed with the folding mechanism. Find out more about the iCandy Peach pushchair in our full review.

The doll’s MiPeach has the adjustable handle and reclining seat to match up to the big version, and also includes a carrycot, hood, basket and accessory pack. At £179, it’s not cheap, but it’s a long way off the price of an full-sized Peach pushchair. Find out more here.

Maclaren Quest Junior Quest pushchair

Maclaren – Quest and Junior Quest

The Maclaren Quest is a bestselling stroller that’s lightweight and sturdy. It’s designed to be used from birth, as the seat fully reclines. We look at how easy it is to push, manoeuvre and apply the brakes. Read the full review of the Maclaren Quest pushchair to find out how it scored.

The toy version of the Maclaren Quest has the umbrella-fold design and pull-back hood that feature on the full-sized version, as well as a three-point safety harness to keep dolls and teddies safe and secure when out and about. Find out more here.

Mamas and Papas Armadillo

Mamas & Papas – Armadillo XT and Armadillo Lemon Drop

Like the Armadillo XT, the junior version of this Mamas & Papas favourite is a vibrant ‘lemon-drop’ yellow.

When we tested the XT, we looked at how easy it is to fold and whether the seat is comfortable. Find out how it did by reading the full Armadillo XT pushchair review.

The Armadillo Lemon Drop seat reclines, and the front wheels swivel, much like the XT. The wheels on the mini version are probably a little less chunky, but you’d hope the ride would be just as smooth. Find out more here.

Britax B Agile

Britax – B Agile 3 and B Agile

The Britax B Agile dolls’ pushchair is actually more similar to the B Agile 3 than the original B Agile, because it’s a 3-wheel pushchair.

Whether it’s a doll or a real baby, being able to get either one easily into the chair and secured with a harness is a must. When we test pushchairs, we check how easy it is to do up the harness, and how comfortable the seat might be for your baby or toddler. Find out how the Britax B Agile 3 scored in these areas by reading the full review.

Like the full-sized version, the mini B Agile has a basket – in this case, ideal for storing dolly-sized clothes and bottles – and folds flat for tidy storage. Find out more here.

Quinny Zapp

Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 and Quinny 3

When we tested the full-sized version of the Quinny – the Zapp Xtra 2 – we put it through some pretty rigorous tests, including rolling it along a bumpy treadmill for 206km to simulate uneven road surfaces and pavements. Find out how it did in our full review.

The Quinny 3 toy version features the iconic Quinny Zapp handles, and comes with an interchangeable bassinet and rubber-coated wheels. You’d hope it would be fun and sturdy enough for your child to whizz around with, although we’re not sure how it would do on 206km of bumpy road. Find out more here.

Chicco Miinimo

Chicco Miinimo and Chicco Doll

The Chicco Miinimo is a lightweight stroller that claims to be collapsible with just one hand. When we test pushchairs, we check this and other claims, such as weight and whether it can stand up on its own when folded. Read the Chicco Miinimo full review to find out.

The Chicco Doll is less of a recreation of Chicco’s full-size strollers than some other brands, but it still folds flat and has an adjustable hood. Find out more here.

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