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Revealed: latest dishwashers that dry brilliantly

We highlight the dishwashers from our latest batch that sailed through our drying tests.

Revealed: latest dishwashers that dry brilliantly

A dishwasher that doesn’t dry properly is the biggest bugbear of dishwasher owners. 

More than one in five dishwasher owners (21%)* can’t stand having to wipe down dishes before they put them back in the cupboard. Plates that are still wet bother you even more than a hard-to-access salt tank (19%), racks that don’t fit your glassware (19%) and uneven cleaning (12%).

Best Buy dishwashers

We’ve discovered that big brands, such as Beko, Hotpoint and Whirlpool, have all upped their drying game with their latest models, and you can read more below about what else these latest dishwashers offer. But if you’re looking for a dishwasher that does it all – one that’s equally good at shifting tough everyday food stains, won’t increase your energy bills too much, is easy to load and use and not too noisy – take your pick from our chart of Best Buy dishwashers.

Beko DIN29X20

This Beko dishwasher fits 14 place settings – enough for family dinners and party clean-ups. If you’ve got a lot of precious glassware, of the 10 programs on offer, you might be most interested in the delicate wash to avoid breakages, as well as a soft basket to cocoon those champagne coupes. Read our full Beko DIN29X20 review.

Hotpoint Ecotech HFC 326 W SV UK

If you’re tired of scrubbing casserole dishes, this latest Hotpoint includes a 3D Zone wash option that directs more power to the lower basket. An eco-wash option can also help you save on your electricity and water bills.

The added programs are a nice touch, but find out whether they’re great or just gimmicky in our Hotpoint Ecotech HFC 326 W SV UK review.

Whirlpool ADG 522UK

This slimline dishwasher from Whirlpool could be a great option if you sleep near the kitchen, as its overnight setting is designed to be really quiet to not disturb your rest. As well as this handy feature, it also has 6th Sense technology to adjust washing conditions to suit different loads, and a tablet setting to use with 3-in-1 detergents.

Is it any good at cleaning dishes and saving you money? We answer these questions in our full Whirlpool ADG 522UK review.

Beko DIS15R10

This fully integrated slimline dishwasher is light on programs – there are just five (quick, mini, Eco, Clean & Shine and intensive). And you also won’t find a time-remaining display. But it does have 10 place settings, so if you have a small space but a large family it could work well for you.

To see how this pared-down dishwasher fared in our tough tests, read the full Beko DIS15R10 review.

Candy CDI 2L952-80

This latest slimline dishwasher from Candy could be a great option if you live alone or with one other person. It fits nine place settings into its 45cm width, so it will fit nicely into compact kitchens, and the half-load setting means you won’t have to pack it full every time you want clean dishes. Our Candy CDI 2L952-80 review reveals whether it’s big on cleaning.

How we find dishwashers that dry best

Once we’ve run the dishwasher, we meticulously pick through each piece of crockery, inspecting them all for any signs of moisture. Each wet piece we find is rated on a scale from bone dry to soaking wet, to give an overall picture of the dishwasher’s drying performance. We then repeat the same test three times for every dishwasher, to make sure there’s consistency with the drying results.

The drying test scores in each of our dishwasher reviews reveals immediately if you’re going to need to have that tea towel on standby. If dry dishes are important to you, make sure to choose a dishwasher that we’ve awarded five stars for drying, as this means the dishes are left bone dry and can go straight into the cupboard. For models with one or two stars, you will definitely have to mop up as you unload.

Looking for a new dishwasher but not sure which features you should make a priority? Read our guide on how to buy the best dishwasher.

*Survey of 1,782 Which? members in November 2017 questioned about their top 10 dishwasher frustrations.

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