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Top 5 kettle and toaster trends for 2018

From copper to retro, we take a look at the stylish kettle and toaster designs jostling for space in your kitchen

Top 5 kettle and toaster trends for 2018

Looking for a quick and easy way to refresh the look of your kitchen? A new kettle and toaster set could be just the ticket.

Whatever your budget, there’s a wide range of styles to choose from in 2018. Thanks to the rise of open-plan dining and living spaces, today’s kitchen gadgets have style in mind, from the designer models right down to supermarket own brands.

We’ve rounded up the biggest trends we’re seeing in the world of kettles and toasters, so you can choose the perfect combination for you. See our video guide to the top five trends below and then read on for more, including the on-trend kettle and toaster sets to look out for.

Discover the best options for speedy brews and perfect toast with our independent kettle reviews and toaster reviews.

1. Copper

Copper is one of the stand-out trends to emerge over the past year, along with similar hues such as rose gold and bronze. Following on from a rise in copper-coloured home furnishings and accessories, we’ve seen a flurry of copper kettles and toasters come onto the market. It’s become one of the most searched-for colours by those after a new kettle, and its popularity looks set to continue into 2018.

Sainsburys copper kettle and toaster

Copper, gold and bronze hues are a nice twist on the enduringly popular steel and chrome kettle trend. We’ve even seen this trend spread to other appliances: you can now get the iconic KitchenAid KSM175 stand mixer in copper (if you’ve got a cool £740 going spare) as well as other small kitchen gadgets from coffee machines to soup makers.

You don’t need to spend a fortune if you want to buy into the copper trend though – several budget brands have got in on the act, including Sainsbury’s, Argos and Wilko. And with the eye-catching finish making products look more expensive than they really are, you could be onto a winner. Check our reviews below to see how the cheaper versions compare.

Copper kettle and toaster reviews

2. Geometric patterns

If you’re after a fresh and modern-looking breakfast set, the geometric trend could be for you. We’ve seen an increasing number of kettle and toasters on sale with embossed patterns featuring diamonds, triangles and circles.  These provide added interest and, on the glossy versions, reflect the light in your home for a striking effect.

Dimensions kettle and toaster

Some designs have a geometric accent trim around the base, such as the Morphy Richards Dimensions models above. Others have a fully embossed body to really make a statement on your worktop.

Of course, more indentations and surfaces on your appliances can mean more time spent keeping them looking pristine. Our reviews reveal if any models are a bore to keep clean.

Geometric kettle and toaster reviews

3. Retro

For all the modern designs you’ll see on the shelves, there are still plenty of kettles and toasters that wouldn’t look out of place in a 1950s kitchen. These retro appliances can combine the best of both worlds – you get the bonus of nostalgic appeal and timeless design, along with useful modern features from quick boil to bagel warmers.

Kenwood Turbo kettle and toaster

With traditional curvy shapes, chunky handles and dials, and classic colours, these sets can really add warmth and character to a home. They usually come at a premium though, so be sure to check our reviews to see if they are up to scratch on the basics.

Retro kettle and toaster reviews

4. Textured finishes

If you’re looking for a more low-key update to your kitchen, you could opt for the textures trend, which adds a tactile element to your appliances.

Tefal Avanti Classic

There are lots of variations on this theme; from kettles and toasters with an elegant matte textured finish, such as the DeLonghi Icona Elements range, or sets with textured accents to add an interesting touch to a classic-looking product, such as the Tefal Avanti Classic kettle and toaster (above).

Textured kettles and toasters look smart, stylish and understated, and could bring some grown-up glamour to your kitchen. See how popular versions fare in our tough tests by clicking on the links below.

Textured kettle and toaster reviews

5. Minimal grey

Minimalist kettle and toaster sets have been making a slow but sure comeback, with monochrome black and white getting an upmarket makeover in recent years. The latest interpretation of this trend is muted grey appliances, which give a softer look than stark black or white.

Breville grey kettle and toaster

Neutral tones are perfect for matching your existing colour scheme, and look smart and fashion-forward without stealing attention from other standout pieces in your kitchen.

There are different ways you can go with the grey trend, from glossy metallics to muted mattes. However, if you’re keen on this look, beware – we found a Don’t Buy among the latest crop of grey gadgets. Check our Don’t Buy kettles and toasters to find out which one is best avoided.

Grey kettle and toaster reviews

Know what look you want, but unsure what features you need? Read our kettles buying guide and toasters buying guide for more advice on choosing.

Buying the best kettle and toaster set

There’s more choice than ever when it comes to replacing your kettle and toaster, but finding a matching set that makes speedy hot drinks and tasty toast is less easy.

We’ve tested kettle and toaster sets that look beautiful but fail miserably at doing their core jobs, or where the kettle is brilliant but the toaster is awful, so you’ll be left frustrated by patchy, burnt or underdone slices.

Paying more is no guarantee of good results either. We’ve found some cheap kettle and toaster sets that outperform other significantly pricier models in our tests. To make sure that your appliance does more than just look the part, check our kettle reviews and toaster reviews before you buy.

If a product that lasts is key for you, make sure you check our guide to the most reliable kettle brands too.

*Prices correct as of 21 December 2017. Please note, prices tend to jump around a lot, and you may be able to find products on offer, or as a bundled set. Check the individual reviews for the most up-to-date prices.

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