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Get the best deal on a KitchenAid or Kenwood stand mixer

Don’t overpay for a KitchenAid or Kenwood stand mixer - we reveal how to make sense of the different models and shop around for the best deal

Last updated: 15 November 2019

Keen to kit out your own workstation with a KitchenAid or Kenwood stand mixer? Depending on what, where and when you buy, you could end up paying hundreds of pounds more than you need to.

Coveted KitchenAid Artisan stand mixers, which star in the Bake Off tent and many more cookery shows besides, can cost anything from £260 to £850. Even the same model can sometimes set you back £200 more if you buy from the wrong place or at the wrong time.

We’ve pulled together our expert knowledge of KitchenAid and Kenwood mixers, and typical prices for popular models, to help you narrow down the right model for you, and beat the sales by knowing how to spot a good deal.

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Best KitchenAid and Kenwood deals ahead of Black Friday

  • Currys is currently selling the KitchenAid Artisan KSM125 model in black or cream for £279, which is almost as cheap as it gets. It’s also available in Matte Grey from AO.com
  • You can also get the Kenwood kMix in rose gold, gold, stainless steel or black for just £269 at Currys and John Lewis. When first launched the rose gold model was an expensive limited edition, now it’s a similar price to more everyday colours, so it’s a good deal if you want a metallic mixer.

KitchenAid Artisan mixers: choosing the right model

KitchenAid’s Artisan stand mixers all have the iconic retro curved design and are similar in terms of basic specifications.

The difference between models usually comes down to size, mixing capacity and the accessories available. These can add to the cost, as can the colour or finish of the model you buy.

The current range doesn’t tend to jump around a great deal in price, but some older models can be found for less, as they tend to be sold on special offer.

Here’s an overview of the range:

Model Mixing bowl Lowest ever price Typical price What you get
Classic 5K45SS 4.3 litres £260 £300 Entry-level model, older and more basic. Brushed steel bowl, no handle.
Artisan 5KSM150 /156 4.6 litres £274 £345 Old model, launched in 2003. Steel bowl with handle and splashguard. 156 version has glass bowl.
Artisan Mini 5KSM3311 3.3 litres £200 £300 Compact model with 25% smaller footprint. Smaller mixing capacity.
Artisan 5KSM125 4.8 litres £200 £400-500 2016 update of 150 range. Steel bowl with handle and standard accessories (beater, whisk, dough hook).
Artisan 5KSM175 4.8 litres /3.3 litres £320 £450-550 As with 125 model but includes extra mini mixing bowl, flex beater attachment and splashguard.
Heritage 5KSM180 4.8 litres £699 £699 2018 model. Ceramic mixing bowl, flex beater, vintage blue and 100-year anniversary trim.
Artisan 5KSM185 4.8 litres/ 3 litres £600 £650-£789 2018 model. Solid stainless-steel mixing accessories and premium metallic colours.
Lowest price based on Pricespy data for past 12 months.

Making sense of the different models

The different mixers fall roughly into three groups: the smaller models, the main collection and the premium versions.

The smaller ones: KitchenAid Mini and 150- and 45- series mixers

The 45 and 150 mixers are old models that tend to pop up as special deals in specific colours during sales periods or intermittently throughout the year.

The 150 model used to sell for around £429, and the price rarely changed, so even though this model is a bit older, it’s relatively good value these days.

Both models are slightly more compact and basic than newer versions, but they’re a good bet if you want a KitchenAid for less. Especially compared with the smaller, newer Mini model, which is only really a good option if you’re really short of worktop space.

The standard options: KitchenAid 125- and 175- series mixers

These models both launched in 2016. They’re very similar to the KSM150PS but are slightly larger and have a wider range of colours to choose from. The 125 seems to be less widely available and may be on the way out, which means it could be a good time to get a deal. The 175 does come with useful extras such as a splashguard and flex beater, though. These could add £60 to the total cost if you bought them separately.

Both are available in a wide range of colours (22 for the 175 model), and the price varies between colours, sometimes by hundreds of pounds. Unusual or on-trend finishes, such as copper, will usually cost you more.

If you don’t have a specific colour in mind, it’s worth shopping around to see what’s cheapest.

The premium ones: KitchenAid 180- and 185- series mixers

These are the most recent and expensive models. Both have premium extras, including full steel attachments on the 185 instead of the standard coated aluminium ones, and a textured ceramic bowl on the 180 model, which is KitchenAids limited edition 100 year anniversary model.

There are 13 premium finishes to choose from including brushed nickel, matte black and copper. Prices between colours vary by more than £100.

Getting the best KitchenAid for your money: the bottom line

If you’re keen on the more premium models, it’s worth keeping an eye out for deals. Otherwise we recommend keeping an eye out for deals on the 175 and making sure you don’t pay over the odds for an older model.

Check the KitchenAid eBay outlet too. Manufacturer refurbished models are often available here for less, as long as you aren’t fussy about colour. The 5KSM175 model is currently available for £379 in Berry, Red and Silver.

Which KitchenAid mixer is best?

Specifications are important, but you’ll also want to ensure you’ve got the mixer that does the best job.

Some KitchenAid stand mixers did better in our tests than others. Check our KitchenAid stand mixer reviews to compare scores and find out which models are worth spending your money on.

Why now may be a good time to buy a KitchenAid

The prices of current range KitchenAid stand mixers tend to stay pretty stable. However, the prices of the 125 and 175 mixers have dropped at some retailers since the launch of the 185 model in late 2018.

With so few differences from the new model, if you’re not bothered about the extra colour choices or stainless-steel accessories, this is a great time to go for either of these options.

KitchenAid deals

Traditionally, really good KitchenAid deals are few and far between. But the info in the table above should help you to find them.

For Black Friday 2018, we spotted that Currys PC World had the 5KSM150 in cream for £274.

Should you buy the Kenwood kMix instead?

Kenwood has an impressive range of mixers but the most well-known is the kMix. Also seen in the Bake Off tent in previous years, it’s similar in design to the KitchenAid Artisan but is often a lot cheaper.

The current model, the kMix KMX754 series mixer, launched in March 2017. It’s a slightly larger size than KitchenAid Artisans and comes with a 5-litre glass mixing bowl.

The official price of a KMX754 is £430, but you can usually find it somewhere for £230-£300, depending on colour. That makes it a good-value alternative to the KitchenAid Artisan range.

As well as a glass mixing bowl, you get the standard accessories (whisk, dough hook, mixing beater) and a splashguard.

Kenwood kMix deals

There are often some quite good deals on the kMix. We’ve seen it for less than £200, making it a significantly cheaper option than the KitchenAid.

You can sometimes find older versions of the kMix, such as the KMX50/51,  on Amazon or eBay but the price doesn’t tend to be that much lower.

Kenwood also recently released a range of metallic and monochromatic stand mixers that replace the glass bowls we saw with previous models. These are priced between £349 and £599 and available from Currys and John Lewis.

Kenwood mixer reviews – compare models to see our top picks from Kenwood

Should you buy a Kenwood or a KitchenAid?

KitchenAid has many devoted fans who will claim its mixers are far better than any other stand mixer. However, Kenwood has made a number of stylish, well-designed stand mixers that won’t set you back as much.

Get our verdict on which brand is most reliable, loved by its owners, and does the best in our independent mixer tests, in our full guide to KitchenAid vs Kenwood mixers.

We’ve also found some great options from other brands. Compare all the latest models by heading to our stand mixer reviews, or skip straight to the models we recommend in our round-up of the best stand mixers.

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