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Is it worth splashing out on a Miele dishwasher?

We've put Miele’s new range of premium dishwashers to the test. Some are great, but some aren't worth the money

We’ve just reviewed 10 of the latest Miele dishwashers – ranging from £949 to more than £1,500.

Some disappointed, leaving plates plastered and glasses grubby.

Others impressed, shooting straight to the top of our best dishwashers chart. They’re fantastic cleaners that, best of all, are frugal enough to be energy saving.

See which Miele models are in our top five dishwashers of 2019.

Five reasons to choose a Miele dishwasher

  1. New Miele dishwashers come with the latest and greatest in dishwasher technology. Some, such as the G7360 SCVi (£1,399), pictured above, have the new Miele PowerDisk automatic detergent dispenser, which means you can kiss goodbye to manually measuring and filling the detergent, or faffing around with dishwasher tablets.
  2. Miele is now embracing the world of smart, albeit later than some other dishwasher manufacturers. You can control various of its G7000 dishwashers, such as the G7310 SC (£1,349), using the WiFiConn@ct app on your smartphone or tablet. The app also lets you monitor cycles and order more Miele PowerDisk detergent when it runs out. You can even connect it to Amazon Alexa to control it using your voice.
  3. The smart Miele dishwashers also have a handy EcoStart function, so the dishwasher can automatically run at the best times for cheaper energy tariffs (at night, for example).
  4. All of Miele’s new machines have an automatic open door feature to help your dishes get dry and water mark free, too. The dishwasher door will come slightly ajar at the end of the wash to allow steam to escape.
  5. Many of Miele’s new dishwashers impressed in our testing. One integrated Miele dishwasher we’ve just tested is our top-scoring integrated model. What was particularly impressive is that it’s one of the best at cleaning and drying we’ve seen, while still being frugal with energy and water.

We’ve also found freestanding Miele dishwashers good enough to be named Which? Best Buys. Compare the scores in our Miele dishwasher reviews.

Reasons not to buy a Miele

Smart features and auto dosing can be found on other dishwashers that cost much less.

For example, the Beko DEN59420DX (pictured above) has automatic detergent dispensing, despite being just £349. And you aren’t tied into only using an expensive own-brand detergent like Miele’s, either – you can use any liquid dishwasher detergent.

All new Hoover dishwashers come with wi-fi connectivity. The cheapest is the £290 Hoover HDPN 2L620OW, a fifth of the price of some of Miele’s smart dishwashers.

The Hoover Wizard smartphone and tablet app lets you choose programs and monitor your washes, just like the Miele one does.

Then there’s the simple fact that some Miele dishwashers don’t clean very well. We’ve found models with auto programs that left plates with specks of dirt and glasses needing an extra wash.

To find out which to dishwasher to buy if you’re on a budget, go to our list of the best cheap dishwashers.

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Prices correct as of 3 July 2019.

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