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Lidl and Aldi are selling bargain £50 mixers for Bake Off week – but which is best?

Both budget supermarkets announce cheap stand mixer 'special buys' as Bake Off 2019 kicks off. Find out how they compare and if they're worth snapping up

Lidl and Aldi are selling bargain £50 mixers for Bake Off week – but which is best?

As the Great British Bake Off returns to our screens for its 10th series, Aldi and Lidl have announced baking-themed special offers designed to tempt those who’ve caught the baking bug.

Both stores are selling cheap stand mixers for just £50, a fraction of the price of the KitchenAid Artisan models that star in the show.

Lidl’s Silvercrest Stand Mixer is in stores from Thursday 29 August, and comes in either glossy black or mint green, while Aldi’s Ambiano Classic Stand Mixer is on sale from 1 September, and comes in white or red. Both are available while stocks last.

With their stainless-steel mixing bowls, chrome accents and rounded edges that nod to the retro glamour of the Bake Off mixers, these mixers look a cut above your average budget mixer, but are they really worth snapping up? We’ve delved into the details to help you decide.

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Lidl Silvercrest vs Aldi Ambiano Stand Mixer

Both mixers come with the classic set of accessories: beater, dough hook and balloon whisk. These can tackle mixing cake batter, buttercream and pastry dough, as well as kneading dough, whisking egg whites and whipping cream.

They also include splashguards with a feeding chute. This handy extra helps to prevent ingredients spraying out of the bowl while mixing, and the chute means you can still drip-feed ingredients in as you mix.

Lidl SilverCrest Stand Mixer

Lidl’s Silvercrest mixer has a few extra speed levels – eight to the Aldi’s six, and its dough hook and beater have a Teflon coating that should make them easy to clean. You can also put everything in the dishwasher, if you have one, as all washable parts are dishwasher safe. 

The bowl is stainless steel, so should be durable, and is a good size. Its five-litre capacity is slightly larger than average – and larger than the Aldi mixer. It’s about the same as you’d get with a Kenwood kMix or KitchenAid model

Aldi Ambiano stand mixer

Aldi’s Ambiano mixer has the same core accessories as the Lidl mixer, although it has fewer speed options, and the splashguard works differently. Aldi’s fits to the mixer arm, providing more complete coverage, so you’ll need to remember to fix it on before you attach the mixing accessory.

The Lidl splashguard slides over the bowl, so it’s easier to slip on, but you may find ingredients can sneak out of gaps at the back.

The Aldi mixer has a four-litre mixing bowl, which is still a good size, but means it can’t handle quite as much as the Lidl model.

How they compare

Both models have a 600W motor. This might not seem that powerful, but motor power varies widely. For example KitchenAid’s Artisan mixers have 300W motors, while Kenwood’s kMix models are 1,000W.

However, we’ve found wattage is a poor indicator of performance, so this won’t necessarily hold you back. It might limit your mixing time, though – Aldi’s model has a maximum mixing time of four minutes before you’ll need to let it rest to avoid burn-out.

Both mixers are more stylish than some big-brand budget offerings we’ve seen, although we’d say the Aldi just edges it thanks to the full chrome trim and illuminated dial. However, the larger capacity and wider range of speeds could make the Lidl one more versatile for frequent bakers.

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Budget vs premium mixers

Most big-brand stand mixers cost at least £150, and prices for some KitchenAid models can exceed £700. However, it’s possible to pick up a budget-brand model for less than £100.

Cheap stand mixers can be a bit hit and miss, but many do a decent enough job – especially if you’re more of an amateur baker. Our tests have uncovered some that are easy to use and do a great job of mixing – making light and fluffy cakes in a fraction of the time (and effort) it would take by hand.

However, they can also be very noisy and slow to mix, which could prove frustrating if you’ve got lots of baking to get through. If you want a tried-and-tested model, head to our full stand mixer reviews to find the best option for your budget.

Stand mixers vs hand mixers

Stand mixers are a great choice if you have worktop space to spare and do a lot of baking. But they can be bulky and heavy, and if you don’t want to go for the very cheapest they quickly get expensive.

For bakers who are tight on both budget and space, hand mixers are small enough to fit in a cupboard and can cost as little as £12. Most have attachments for mixing, whisking and kneading.

However, while they’ll definitely make the job easier than doing it by hand, they can be tiring to use for long periods and may struggle with heavier loads.

For more advice choosing between the two, head to our guide to hand mixers vs stand mixers.

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