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Is Lidl’s new cordless lawn mower up to the task of sprucing up your garden this spring?

We tried Lidl's new cordless lawn mower out on the grass to see if it can be relied on for your springtime mowing

Is Lidl’s new cordless lawn mower up to the task of sprucing up your garden this spring?

Looking out of the window while working from home, you notice the lawn needs a cut. If you have a small lawn in need of tending, Lidl’s new compact cordless lawn mower could be an affordable solution.

Available at the Middle of Lidl from 26 March 2020 for £69.99, the Lidl Parkside Cordless Lawnmower PRMA 20-Li A1 is a small battery-powered mower well-suited to handling small lawns less than 50m2 – the sort of lawn you can expect to find in a city or suburb.

Most of Lidl’s new mower is made of hard plastic, so it’s very compact and lightweight. You’ll have no problem turning it and lifting it around to manoeuvre around smaller areas of grass.

Versatility is also a perk of this mower – it has five cutting heights, adjustable handles, and the 20v lithium-ion battery used to power it can be used with other cordless products in Lidl’s Parkside range.

We tried it out to see if it’s a mower to be relied on for keeping your lawn in order. Find out our first impressions by reading our first look review of the Lidl Parkside Cordless Lawnmower PRMA 20-Li A1.

Should I buy a cordless lawn mower?

There are cordless mowers out there that are just as powerful as petrol models, but lithium-lion batteries generally don’t last as long as a full tank of fuel.

That’s why more often than not cordless mowers, like Lidl’s Parkside Cordless Lawnmower PRMA 20-Li A1, are better-suited to smaller lawns.

Batteries can be heavy, too, which generally means that cordless mowers are heavier than corded electric ones. This isn’t a problem with Lidl’s new model, though – we had no problem lifting it up and moving it using the carry handle next to the motor.

A common pitfall with buying cordless mowers is that the battery is not always included, and that is indeed the case with this Lidl mower. Lithium-ion batteries can be expensive and often make a seemingly cheap mower quite pricey overall.

Lithium-ion batteries can cost as much as £90 or even more, but thankfully Lidl’s 20V Parkside 20V batteries can be picked up for £11.99, and charger and battery sets are also available for £17.99. That means the overall cost for this mower is £87.98 if you don’t have a Parkside 20V battery already.

To help make sure you buy the best cordless lawn mowers available, check out our handy top five cordless lawn mowers for 2020 guide.

What makes a lawn mower worth buying?

You’d think that all lawn mowers could at least perform the key task of cutting your grass properly, but our independent tests find huge differences in the grass-cutting quality of different models.

A top-quality lawn mower should be up to the task of cutting a variety of grass types in different conditions, which is why our full lab tests task each mower with cutting around 300m2 of standard grass, long grass, wet grass and rough grass.

Poor mowers struggle to cut properly on tougher grass types and some will leave you with an uneven, patchy lawn.

We don’t stop there, though. A worthy lawn mower should also be able to handle tricky terrain like slopes, uneven ground and edges, and it should be easy and comfortable to push it and manoeuvre it around obstacles.

Our lab technicians put each mower through a tough terrain course to test its limitations and make an expert assessment of how easy it is to use.

To find out more about how rigorous and independent testing carried out by Which? finds the best lawn mowers you can buy, read our How we test lawn mowers advice guide.

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