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18 Jul 2017

Do you have a 'Jane Austen' £2 coin? New release from Royal Mint

Could this new £2 coin hold 'every promise of happiness' for collectors?

The Royal Mint has today launched a new £2 coin to mark the 200thanniversary of the death of much-loved author Jane Austen.

The coin recognises the legacy of Austen, whodied in 1817, leaving behind a series of novels that continue to inspire devotion from readers worldwide.But coin enthusiasts may have to wait to get their hands on the new design - the coin is only being released in limited supply.

Which? looks at the details for the new coin's release and how valuable it is likely to become.

Where is the Jane Austencoin being released?

Initially, the Royal Mint announced the new coin would only be issued in a limited run.

As of today, it was launched in locations that have a close connection to Jane Austen's life - Basingstoke, where she was born, and Winchester, where she lived the last years of her life and is now buried.

The design will be released into wider circulation later this year, though the Royal Mint could not confirm to Which? how many would be minted at that stage.

Designed by Royal Mint graphic designer Dominique Evans, the coin features a silhouette of Austen and the dates 1817-2017, overlapped with her signature.

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How valuable is the Jane Austen £2 likely to be?

Without knowing its mintage, it may be impossible to determine whether the Jane Austen £2 is likely to become a collector's item. Its value will depend on the number of coins in this design produced by the Royal Mint, as well as levels of demand, both within the UK and overseas.

A previous example of a special edition release was the 2012 Charles Dickens £2 coin, which commemorated 200 years since the author's death. This design was initially released as a limited run, but was then minted 8.1m times.

Similarly,the 2010 Florence Nightingale £2 coins, which mark 150 years since her death, went on to be minted 6.1m times.

Given the coins' relatively large runs, both are nowworth only a little more than their face value, selling for between£2.50 and £3, according to coin collecting site ChangeChecker.

Jane Austen has significant international appeal, with thriving Jane Austen Societies in the US, Brazil and Japan, which could influence demand for the coin. But the value of the coin at this stage is purely speculative, until further details are confirmed.

Jane Austen on the £10 polymer note

The Bank of England has also celebrated Jane Austen in another form of currency - the author features on the new £10 polymer note, which was unveiled today at Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire. The note is due to be launched in September this year.

The note features a quote fromPride and Prejudice: 'Ideclare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!'

But the tribute has attracted some controversy, withLucy Worsley, TV presenter and historian criticising the design for 'air-brushing' Austen to bemore conventionally pretty than her only known portrait.

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