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15 Oct 2021

How to make big savings with an energy efficient appliance

Savings in the sales could quickly be eaten away if your energy bills soar - use our running cost tools to discover the real lifetime cost of your next purchase
Person switching on washing machine

We're all watching our energy bills, but did you know you could make savings that more than cover the upfront cost just by choosing models that are energy efficient?

All of our energy cost data comes from our independent lab testing; every appliance we review is tested in real-world scenarios to measure how much energy it will truly cost to run.

We find big differences between seemingly identical A-rated machines, and even B and C-rated machines that cost less to run.

To make sure you know the true cost of an appliance, you need to check our running cost tools before buying.

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Make big savings with an energy efficient tumble dryer

Heat pump tumble dryers do tend to cost more than cheaper condenser and vented models, but can easily pay for themselves in the energy savings in just five or six years.

What's more, choosing an inefficient dryer could add a significant amount to your yearly bills, and even more over the course of its life.

We calculate the annual cost of every dryer we review, based on drying three full loads on the cotton and cupboard dry settings per week. This way you can know which will make drying an easy task rather than a costly one.

Use our tumble dryer running cost tool to find out which dryer is actually cheapest.

Save with an energy efficient fridge freezer

Typically freestanding fridge freezers cost less to run than larger American fridge freezers.

Add in that American models are usually a pricey investment on their own, and they can easily cost hundreds if not thousands more than a freestanding model. That's why, before buying, it's worth thinking about how much space you have and need and then working backwards: what's the most efficient and best fridge-freezer that I can fit in my kitchen?

Use our fridge freezer running cost tool to find out which is actually cheapest.

Choose an energy efficient washing machine

Parent using washing machine

Two of the biggest things that affect a washing machine's energy and water use is its capacity and how thoroughly it actually cleans.

Of course you don't want a washing machine that costs pennies to run that can't clean clothes properly, but you also don't want a washing machine that hikes up your bills.

This doesn't have to be the case, though. We've found brilliant Best Buys and Eco Buys that balance energy and water efficiency with fantastic cleaning, rinsing and spinning.

Use our washing machine running cost tool to find one that's best for you.

How to pick an energy efficient dishwasher

Dishwashers can be some of the most energy-intensive appliances in our home, with many of us using it almost every day.

Our testing shows that the average full-size dishwasher costs £63 per year, doing five washes per week. As such it's not a surprise you can reap big savings by choosing an energy-efficient model - easily enough to pay for a whole new dishwasher over its lifetime.

The best bit is that (unlike with washing machines) how much energy a dishwasher uses doesn't have an effect on how well it cleans; some of the most efficient dishwashers we've ever found are brilliant Best Buys and Eco Buys.

Use our dishwasher running cost tool to find which models are the cheapest to run.

Opt for an energy efficient oven

Ovens tend to be some of the longest-lasting appliances. Our surveys have shown that on average people keep their ovens for more than 20 years.

As such, it's important to buy an efficient one - saving you £500 over the oven's lifetime. This is based on using a fan oven for about five hours per week at 170°C.

To minimise your carbon footprint, we also recommend buying an electric model over a gas model.

Find out which ovens will give you the biggest savings with our built-in oven running cost tool.

How Eco Buys can save you money

Which? Eco Buy badge

Which? Eco Buys are our environmentally-friendly product recommendation. Just like our Best Buys, the Which? Eco Buy is backed up by rigorous research.

Products we've given an Eco Buy to will have a lower carbon footprint over their lifetime, all while doing their main job well.

By being energy and water efficient, Eco Buys highlight the products that match real long-term savings with outstanding performance.

You don't have to pay to be green, either. We've found Eco Buy ovens for less than £200 and Eco Buy dishwashers for as little as £330.

Read the reviews below to see all our Eco Buys. You can also see the annual running cost for every product in the tech specs section of the review.

We have used the new price cap 21p per kWh for all energy prices throughout this article and in our running cost tools.