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Is it worth buying a Dualit toaster?

We reveal what you need to know about the latest Dualit toasters and how to buy the best, plus cheaper alternatives to consider

Dualit toasters in-demand designer kitchen appliances, but can often cost £100 or more. So, when you can buy a Best Buy toaster for £25 or less, is a pricey Dualit toaster really worth the investment?

With their distinctive retro look, there's no denying that Dualit toasters can add a touch of style to your countertops. However, we've had mixed results from them: some are high-scoring Best Buys, but others are outperformed by much cheaper alternatives.

We've tested all the main models made by Dualit, from the Classic range, still made by hand in the UK, to the newer Architect, Lite and Domus toasters.

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Dualit toaster technology explained

Dualit's self-proclaimed 'Perfect Toast Technology' is a patented featured that's included on all Domus, Lite and Architect models. It's designed to calculate the temperature of your toaster and its surroundings in order to provide 'consistently golden-brown toast'.

Dualit says its technology takes into account each variable, from room and toaster temperature, to how many slices the appliance has already toasted, and how long it has had to cool. This should enable you to enjoy perfectly coloured toast every time, without having to touch any of the toaster's settings - and currently it's the only toaster on the market that offers this feature.

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Dualit toasters compared

Below, you can learn more about each of the popular Dualit models, including advice on settings, features and how much you can expect to pay.

Dualit Studio toaster, from £65

This is the cheapest Dualit toaster you can currently buy. It's best suited to smaller households as there's only a two-slot option.

  • Size options: two-slot only
  • Colour choices: black or white
  • Browning settings: nine

The Dualit Studio CSL2 is the smallest member of the Dualit family. It's still relatively expensive for a two-slot toaster, but if you like the idea of owning a Dualit model it's perhaps one of the best value options.

Read our Dualit Studio CSL2 26412 review to find out how this model fared in our independent lab tests or buy one from John Lewis.

Dualit Lite toaster, from £72

A slightly more versatile option that's probably a better option for families or other busy households.

  • Size options: two-slot, four-slot or long slot
  • Colour choices: black, red, cream or white
  • Browning settings: eight

The Dualit Lite has 36mm-wide slots specifically designed to accommodate thicker bread, as well as 'peek and pop' technology that lets you check on your breakfast without disrupting the toasting cycle and non-slip feet to keep it safe on your worktop.

Read our review of the Dualit Lite 2 Slot 26205 or buy it from Amazon or Robert Dyas.

Read our review of the Dualit Lite 4 Slot DPP4 or buy it from Robert Dyas or Argos.

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Dualit Domus toaster, from £77

An ergonomically-designed toaster that doesn't compromise on style.

  • Size options: two-slot or four-slot
  • Colour choices: grey
  • Browning settings: nine

The Dualit Domus toaster is another good option for those that prefer larger loaves, as the slots are designed to hold large slices of bread up to 14cm wide when inserted sideways. It also benefits from the peek & pop function as well as Dualit's Perfect Toast Technology.

Check out our Dualit Domus DLT22 review or buy it from Amazon or John Lewis.

Alternatively, read our review of the Dualit Domus DLT44 review or buy it from John Lewis. 

Dualit Architect toaster, from £86

A modern-looking toaster with interchangeable panels in a wide variety of colours and designs to suit your kitchen décor.

  • Size options: two-slot or four-slot
  • Colour choices: grey or white
  • Browning settings: eight

If you buy a new version of Dualit's Architect toaster you'll benefit from its 'Perfect Toast Technology'. Check the serial number on the bottom of the box so you can be sure you're not ending up with one of the older, less advanced models. There's a specific bagel setting, too.

Head to our Dualit Architect 46523 review (four slot) or buy it from PRC Direct or John Lewis.

Alternatively, read our Dualit Architect CAT2 review (two slot) or buy it from Amazon or John Lewis.

Dualit NewGen toaster, from £135

A level up from most of Dualit's alternative models, this is one of the most advanced toasters the brand offers, but it's also one of the most expensive.

  • Size options: two-slot or four-slot
  • Colour choices: more than 20 options
  • Browning settings: none - instead, it uses a mechanical timer

One of Dualit's 'Classic' options, the NewGen toaster has been around for quite some time - it was first designed in 1946. It comes with ProHeat elements so the filaments are 'virtually unbreakable' (according to the brand), as well as an old-school mechanical timer and an adjustable rear foot to compensate for uneven surfaces.

We've tested and reviewed three variants of Dualit's NewGen toaster:

Dualit toasters: features to look for

You aren't just paying for style when you buy a Dualit toaster - added features aim to give you more bang for your buck, such as:

  • Perfect toasting tech - Dualit claims that its patented 'perfect toast technology' helps you to get the perfect evenly browned slice each time, as it varies toasting time depending on the temperature of the room, the toaster and how long it's had to cool.
  • Check your toast - the 'peek and pop' feature is a handy trick for toast perfectionists. This allows you to lift up the bread to check progress without resetting the browning cycle, so you can get your toast done to just the right level. You'll find this feature on both the Architect and the Lite and plenty more besides - though versions of this feature are also available from other toaster brands.
  • Repairable toasting - if you can't stand the thought of your expensive toaster ending its life in landfill then a Dualit Classic range model could be right for you. All parts are fully repairable or replaceable, which Dualit claims means these toasters 'last a lifetime'.

If your budget can stretch to it after shelling out for your new toaster, you could also consider buying a sandwich toasting accessory for £20. These toasting cages are designed to fit in the wide slots of the Dualit Lite, Architect and Domus toasters, and could be your ticket to quick and easy toasties, without needing another gadget to clutter your kitchen.

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Cheaper alternatives to Dualit toasters

If your budget just can't stretch to a Dualit, you can still take home a well-designed, effective toaster that won't let you down at snack time.

The average cost of a Best Buy toaster is £55, so you don't necessarily need to splash out when the time comes to replace your toaster. In fact, we've found a handful of cheap Best Buy toasters that cost £25 or less, so there's plenty of choice even if you're on a strict budget.

If you're after a large four-slot retro-style toaster that's more affordable than a Dualit, check out the similar-looking Haden Highclere 197252 or the Tefal Avanti Classis TT780E40.

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* Prices correct as of 15 July 2022.