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15 Nov 2019

Lakeland's 2-in-1 coffee machine works with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto pods

£99 Lakeland coffee machine gives coffee pod drinkers more choice than ever before

Update for April 2020: we have now fully tested this coffee machine. Check our Lakeland 2-in-1 coffee pod machine review for our verdict on if it makes a tasty brew.

Lakeland has quietly launched an affordable coffee machine that works with both Nespresso Original pods and Dolce Gusto coffee pods.

Capsule coffee machines are a convenient way to make coffee at home, but one of their drawbacks is that they often lock you into using just one pod type, which can limit your drink options and tie you into buying expensive branded pods.

Not so this Lakeland machine. And at just under £100, it's pretty good value too.

It's pricier than entry-level models if you were buying a standalone Nespresso or Dolce Gusto coffee machine, but it does the job of both in one go - something you won't find anywhere else.

Does it make good coffee? Head to the full Lakeland coffee machine review to find out.

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Lakeland 2-in-1 coffee machine: three key features

1. Works with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto

The Lakeland 2-in-1 Coffee Pod Machine 62120 gives you more choice over the coffee you drink than any other pod machine on the market.

Its default holder is for Dolce Gusto pods - making it the first own-brand Dolce Gusto machine we've seen. It also comes with a pod adapter that works with Nespresso pods, so you can use either with ease.

Being able to choose from both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto pod ranges gives you a wide range of drink options, particularly because there's an increasing range of Nespresso-compatible and Dolce Gusto-compatible coffee pods made by other brands that you can also use with this machine.

Other coffee pod systems, such as Lavazza, Illy and Tassimo, only work with official branded pods, which can limit you to quite a small range.

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2. Simple, compact design and touch controls

Some coffee machines come crammed with various buttons and dials that can take a while to figure out.

Lakeland's machine keeps things simple with just three buttons - two to adjust the drink size and one to dispense a drink - so you shouldn't find yourself having to regularly refer to the manual. You can choose from seven drink sizes.

It's small, streamlined and sleek-looking too, so it should look smart on your kitchen worktop without taking up too much space.

There's no memory function, though, which you often get on Nespresso machines, allowing you to set your preferred drink length.

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3. Auto capsule piercing and adjustable drip tray

Many pod machines require you to pull - or push - a lever to pierce the coffee pod and start the coffee-making process, but the Lakeland coffee machine takes care of this for you.

You can also adjust the height of the drip tray to suit everything from tiny espresso cups to taller mugs, which can help to prevent coffee splatters on your worktop.

No milk frothing

One thing to be aware of is that this machine doesn't come with a milk frother, unlike some Nespresso models.

You can still make milky drinks if you use Dolce Gusto pods, as these have milk pods that automate the process of making drinks such as lattes for you, although you'll need to use two pods per drink.

If you want to use fresh milk, you'll need to buy a milk frothing accessory. Check our milk frother reviews to see which ones are worth buying - we've found affordable Best Buys for less than £40.

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Should you buy compatible pods?

Lakeland's 2-in-1 machine offers more flexibility than most pod coffee machines, but there are other ways to free up your drink options.

Coffee machines designed to be used with Nespresso or Dolce Gusto pods can also take compatible pods. These are often cheaper than Nespresso or Dolce Gusto branded pods, plus many are widely available in supermarkets and online so you won't have to go out of your way to get them.

It's worth knowing that these are often even trickier to recycle than branded pods, so if you're concerned about the waste you'll produce in the form of single-serve pods, you might want to consider a bean-to-cup or ground coffee machine instead.

They won't limit you to particular brands of coffee and you might save money, too, as pods tend to be more expensive per cup than beans and ground coffee. See our full coffee machine buying guide for help choosing the right machine for you.

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