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12 Feb 2021

Product recall: iCandy recalls some batches of MiChair high chair

A limited number of early edition iCandy MiChairs may develop cracks in the seat base
iCandy MiChair

Popular baby product brand iCandy has issued a recall for some batches of its iCandy MiChair.

Safety testing carried out by the company has uncovered an issue affecting early batches of the high chair, where the seat base develops hairline cracks over time.

However, not all batches have been recalled so read on to find out if you're affected - and what to do if you are.

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iCandy MiChair high chair recall: which products are affected?

The iCandy MiChair batches affected are:

  • E11055
  • E11074

You can check if your high chair is affected in two ways, depending on the batch number:

Batch E11055 - This can be identified by a '08/16' date sticker and five screw spaces in the metal plate on the underside of the iCandy MiChair.

Batch E11074 - This can be identified by a white rectangle sticker. The sticker should include the number E11074. This can be found on the underside of the iCandy MiChair.

iCandy michair recall information

What should I do if I own a recalled iCandy MiChair?

If you own a high chair from one of the affected batches, the manufacturer states you should stop using the product and complete an online form on the iCandy website to request a replacement.

You'll then need to dismantle the high chair so that the affected parts can be returned. These are:

  • The iCandy Michair white seat base (NOT the wooden back)
  • The silver leg attachments that fix to the white seat base and attached footrest

You do not need to send the whole high chair back. You should remove and keep the wooden chair back, the lower curved part of the metal legs, tray, harness, all screws and fittings, and any seat pads or additional accessories such as the newborn pod.

iCandy recommends referring to the MiChair product support page to access instruction manuals and videos to help you dismantle the chair.

Once you have filled out the MiChair replacement form, you will get an iCandy case reference number. It will arrange delivery of the replacement part and once that's arrived, collection of the relevant recalled items.

If you have any questions, please call iCandy customer services on +44 (0)1767 604400 or email via its website.

iCandy MiChair

What does iCandy say?

Bethan Siddons, iCandy Technologist, said:'As part of iCandy's continuous quality improvement programme, it has come to our attention that a very limited number of early edition iCandy MiChairs no longer meet our standards.

'As with all iCandy products, extensive testing above and beyond the requirements of safety standards, including user trials, were carried out at the time of the iCandy MiChair's 2016 launch. During the process of formal certification and due diligence, no fault was found with the highchair.

'As part of iCandy's efficient and coherent response to the matter, any customers with an iCandy MiChair that is within the affected batch have been provided with clear guidelines regarding next steps to ensure that everything is resolved for them as promptly as possible.'

iCandy MiChair

High chair safety

We put all tested high chairs through a range of checks to ensure they're sturdy, strong and safe. Take a look at our high chair reviews or check your current high chair using the tips below.

Check it meets the standard

When choosing a high chair, look for one that has been tested to the latest safety standards (BS EN 14988:2017). The high chairs in our fully tested reviews have all been tested to the standard.

Make sure the high chair comes with a harness

We'd recommend choosing a high chair that offers a five-point harness with shoulder straps, as that will help stop your toddler from standing up in their chair.

Check the crotch post

The crotch post should prevent your child from moving one leg across and sliding out of the bottom of the high chair if they're not strapped in with a harness.

If there's too big a gap between the top of the post and tray or bumper bar, then your child could 'submarine' out, which is a strangulation risk.

Give it a shove

We test the forward, rearward and sideways stability of the high chair, to check that it won't topple over. Give the chair a bit of a shove to see if it feels sturdy, and keep an eye on it when your toddler is sat in it to see if they can build up any momentum to rock it.

Remember, you should never leave your child unattended when they're sat in a high chair.

For more information on our testing, read our guide on how we test high chairs.