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25 Feb 2021

Pushchair recall: Ickle Bubba Gravity Max Auto-Fold stroller recalled due to safety issues

Expert pushchair tests carried out by Which? uncovered durability problems that have now been confirmed by Ickle Bubba

Pushchair brand Ickle Bubba has issued a voluntary recall after rigorous Which? testing saw one of its products break during safety testing.

The Ickle Bubba Gravity Max Auto-Fold stroller, which is meant to be suitable from birth until a child weighs around 25kg, snapped and collapsed in our lab. We reached out to Ickle Bubba with the results of our tests, which then told us it would be carrying out an internal investigation.

Keep scrolling as we explain more on the issue affecting the Ickle Bubba Gravity Max Auto-Fold stroller. We also have details on how to identify affected models and what to do if you own one of the pushchairs covered by the recall.

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Gravity Max Auto-Fold recall: at a glance

  • Which? tests uncovered an issue that could cause the Gravity Max Auto-Fold pushchair to collapse
  • Ickle Bubba has acknowledged the findings and has now issued a voluntary recall
  • This recall affects pushchairs bought between November 2020 and January 2021
  • The manufacturer plans to contact customers to arrange for a full refund or replacement
  • Customers can contact the brand directly at contact@icklebubba.com

How do I check if my Ickle Bubba pushchair is affected?

This voluntary recall by Ickle Bubba only affects Gravity Auto-Fold strollers that were purchased between November 2020 and January 2021.

The affected batch of products can be identified by the batch code under the front footrest, dated August-2020 01.

Ickle Bubba says that it is contacting customers who purchased the pushchair between the dates mentioned above to arrange collection for a full refund or replacement.

The brand has assured customers that 'any Gravity Auto-Fold Strollers purchased from March 2021 onwards' are not affected by the issue uncovered during Which? testing.

If you need more information, you can contact the brand's customer care team directly at contact@icklebubba.com.

What our initial tests found

Every pushchair that reaches the Which? test lab is put through its paces to ensure you can trust it to keep your child safe. We pay extra close attention to the features that matter the most, including how well the pushchair deals with uneven surfaces and how it handles being folded up when not in use.

When we first went hands-on with the Gravity Max Auto-Fold pushchair, our structural and safety testing highlighted a significant failure in the product. After testing the handlebar strength to part one of the standard (EN1888-1), our eagle-eyed experts saw that the rivets holding the chassis together had snapped on both sides. This caused the pushchair to collapse.

What does Ickle Bubba say?

Ickle Bubba has now acknowledged the potential issue with its Gravity Max Auto-Fold pushchair that was uncovered by Which? lab tests.

In a statement, the pushchair manufacturer has said: 'Following the Which? review carried out in January 2021 and our policy of continual in-house product performance reviews, it has come to our attention that one batch of Gravity Auto-Fold strollers may have functionality issues after prolonged use, resulting in the handle support bar detaching from the main chassis frame.

We would like to assure customers that the safety and quality of all products is paramount to Ickle Bubba.'

Ickle Bubba claims that independently accredited test labs carry out 'extensive risk assessments and safety tests' to verify the safety of its products before they go on sale.

In its statement, the manufacturer adds: 'The Gravity Auto-Fold stroller has been through extensive independent testing, to EN1888-1 & 2, The European Safety Standard for pushchairs and prams designed for the carriage of children up to 22kg.

To further validate its safety, we have also carried out testing over and above this to an increased upper weight limit of 25kg. This was completed through an accredited independent testing laboratory dated August 2020.'

Why we take pushchair safety seriously

Pushchair being taken on a bus

Any pushchair you buy needs to withstand years of use, going up and down kerbs, being pushed over rough ground and manoeuvring around obstacles. And as your baby grows, it needs to be strong enough to accommodate their changing weight.

But lab tests have found durability issues where the frame of the pushchair breaks or key screws and rivets collapse, affecting the structural integrity.

We've also seen handlebars detach and harness restraints fail. If any of these failures happen to you while your baby is in the seat, it can risk their safety.

Find out more about how we test pushchairs and read our pushchair safety tips to make sure you are using your stroller correctly.