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Best Buy pushchairs

Don't risk a pushchair that isn't safe and comfy for your baby. Our Best Buys are independently tested and go through rigorous safety checks. Compare the best pushchairs that came out on top.


Put us to the test

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

We test pushchairs, prams and strollers more thoroughly than anyone else. Our top-scoring Best Buy pushchairs have all been through rigorous lab tests, and emerged with an impressive score above 80% for a single pushchair - or a score of above 70% for a double – and you don't have to blow the budget to get a Best Buy.

Because we know each parent has different criteria for their perfect pushchair, we've picked our 'best of the best' for different needs in our tables below. Including the best buggies for tackling rough terrain, top travel systems for your newborn baby, and double pushchairs you can rely on.

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Designed to comfortably transport your little one from birth right through their toddler years, the manufacturer claims this pushchair will last until your child is 20kg, which is around five or six-years old. It comes with a lot of features, including a reversible seat, one-hand recline and lockable front-swivel wheels. But is it easy to use and is it practical? Read our review to find out how it fared in our tests.

First month only £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel any time

Best pushchair for newborns


This travel system pushchair has a reversible seat unit that's lie-flat and suitable for newborns, or you can swap the seat easily for a carrycot or car seat. It has a great shopping basket for storing your all of your essentials, it's easy to fold and it's smooth and easy to manoeuvre over most terrain.

First month only £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel any time

Best all-terrain pushchair


This reasonably priced all-terrain travel system has a reversible seat, or it can be used with a carrycot or Best Buy baby car seat. It’s comfortable for your little one, smooth and easy to push, even on rough ground, and it has a one-handed lever to recline the seat for naps.

First month only £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel any time

Best light pushchair


You’ll be nipping around public transport and boarding aeroplanes with this Best Buy stroller, as it has an excellent one-hand fold and its compact enough to be taken on some flights as cabin luggage. It’s small, light and it can be used with a baby car seat, making it suitable to use from birth. It can also handle a wide range of surfaces with ease thanks to the all-wheel suspension.

First month only £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel any time

Best double pushchair


This double pushchair claims to fold down small, with a lightweight frame that should be able to fit through a standard-width doorway, even though the seats are side-by-side. Double buggies can be heavy and bulky, which makes them a pain to use and to transport when folded. Read the review to see whether it's worth considering for twins or siblings.

First month only £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel any time

The recommendations and scores for these top pushchair picks were correct as of November 2020.

How to buy the right pushchair for you

The best pushchair for you depends on a number of factors. If you have a newborn, you'll need one with either a seat that lies flat enough, or a seat that converts to a pram or carrycot. If you want to move your baby easily from pushchair to car and back again, you'll need a travel system

Where you live will also affect your pushchair choice: lack of storage space means a smaller pushchair that folds compactly, stairs to your front door means you'll want something lighter, such as a lightweight stroller

How you're going to use your pushchair also plays a part. If you need to use the bus, you won't want something bulky and heavy. If you like doing lots of country walks, you'll want an all-terrain buggy.

These decisions are made before you even start considering whether you want forward or rearward facing, adjustable handlebars for parents of different heights, finding a pushchair that fits in your car boot, getting the right size shopping basket for you, and so on.

To help you make a decision, read our in-depth pushchairs buying guide including a look at whether you need a standard buggy, travel system or all-terrain pushchair

Should you buy a cheap pushchair?

Pros: cheap, usually lightweight, simple to use.

Cons: not as sturdy or durable, not the smoothest drive, lack features.

Cheap pushchairs tend to be of the more lightweight stroller variety – think second pushchair rather than your all-singing, all-dancing travel system.

In days gone by a stroller meant a forward-facing pushchair with a fixed seat position that wasn't suitable from birth. But now we're seeing more cheap strollers for babies – those with seats that recline far enough back to be suitable for newborns.  

You can now get cheap strollers that also do the job of a travel system, ie you can attach a baby car seat. But bear in mind that you'll have to pay extra for the car seat.  

A cheap pushchair that's going to be comfortable for your baby, as well as easy to push and sturdy, is possible. We've found pushchairs costing less than £150 we rated so highly they were given our Which? Best Buy pushchair status.

But with pushchairs ranging in price from £50 to way over £1,000, you'd expect to see quite a difference in what you get for your money.  

Should you buy a second-hand pushchair?

Of course, if you're in the market for a cheap pushchair, buying new isn't your only option. You can pick up some great bargain pushchairs from second-hand sites such as Ebay and Shpock.

At the time of writing, for example, we spotted a Britax B Agile for £24 second-hand, an iCandy Apple 2 Pear for £41 and a Joie Pact stroller travel system for £21. If you choose to go down the used route, check out our pushchair safety tips including what to do if your pushchair breaks before you buy.

How does Which? test pushchairs?

We've put more than 300 pushchairs through our rigorous and independent lab tests, including all the most popular pushchair models Which? members are most interested in. 

You can trust our reviews because not only do we subject every model to dozens of technical tests in our expert labs, but we also have a panel of parents who try out the buggies to see what they're like to use day to day. 

We test pushchairs for safety, durability, ease of use and whether your child will find the seat comfortable. 

We don't carry any advertising on our website or in our magazines, so our reviews are impartial and not influenced by manufacturers.

For more information about our testing process, go to how we test pushchairs.

Pushchair, pram and stroller reviews you can trust

Our first pushchair reviews were published in July 1968. Since then we’ve compared the performance and scrutinised the features of hundreds of models.

We test buggies from the most popular brands, including Bugaboo, iCandy, Joie, Maclaren, Maxi Cosi, Quinny and Silver Cross, as well as some own-brand models from retailers such as Mamas and Papas and Mothercare. We've discovered that even the most trustworthy names occasionally drop the ball.

We don't just reveal the best – we also highlight the low-scoring Don't Buy pushchairs that fail to make the grade, so you don't end up with a dud that you'll soon be keen to replace. Any model scoring 45% or less will be rated as a Which? Don't Buy pushchair. 

Which? is independent – we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test results. We're not influenced by third parties and we don't accept freebies from product manufacturers or retailers. We buy all the products that we test ourselves, so our advice helps you to make the right choice first time and avoid costly mistakes.

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Why our pushchair tests matter

You’ll be using your buggy on a daily basis, so to give you the very best experience, we subject every model we review to a series of safety and durability tests. These are designed to replicate everything your pushchair will have to put up with in real life.

  • We subject each pushchair to thorough safety checks to see if each one is as safe as it can be. If we uncover anything to worry about, we’ll make the pushchair a Don’t Buy, or contact the manufacturer to look into the problem.
  • In the hunt for our top Best Buys we’ve seen brakes that fail, wheels that come away, handlebars that aren’t strong enough to be bumped up and down on a daily basis, chassis that collapse and bumper bars that could trap your little one's fingers.
  • Our parent-testers and their children get hands-on with all our pushchairs, so we can combine real-life opinion with our expert lab testing. Our parents fold, unfold, fasten, unfasten, lift, turn, and everything else you’d do with your pushchair, to find out which things could become a chore on a daily basis.

How we uncover the best pushchairs, prams, buggies, strollers and travel systems

We don’t listen to marketing claims or promotional spiel; instead we examine the results of our extensive testing to decide if a pushchair is good enough to become a Best Buy. Our testing includes:

  • Safety and durability We run each pushchair through a series of exhaustive tests according to current safety standards. These include checking for choking hazards and finger traps. We also strap each pushchair, fully loaded, to a bumpy treadmill, then wheel it over more than 206km – roughly the distance from London to Birmingham – to check durability.
  • Your baby's comfort If you buy a pushchair marketed as suitable from birth to 15kg, or even 22kg, you’d expect your child to fit into it until he or she reaches that weight. Our pushchair experts scrutinise these claims, check that the seats recline far enough to create a safe place for your newborn to sleep, and measure the seats to see if they’re big enough and supportive enough to last your child from birth all the way up to when you won’t need to use a pushchair.  
  • Folding and unfolding So many pushchairs are claimed to have a one-handed fold – the holy grail of pushchair folding. But our tests uncover those that forget to mention that first you need to remove the seat, fold the hood down, or do something else that actually needs two hands. Nice try.
  • Fitting into your life Our parent-testers and pushchair experts get hands-on with each pushchair, stroller and double buggy. They navigate around our specially designed test course, which replicates things you'll tackle on your daily route – such as gravelly car parks, uneven grass, kerbs and tight corners. This helps them to uncover those problems you need to know about before you buy, such as how easy it is to swap from pavements to grass, or how comfortable the handlebars are.