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28 Aug 2019

Safety alert: Mothercare Grey Star Sleeping Bag recalled

Confusion due to mislabelled tog rating on sleep bag could lead to potentially dangerous overheating

Mothercare is voluntarily recalling its 2.5 tog Grey Star Sleep Bag due to an error on the care label of some products that displays the incorrect tog rating, which could lead to potentially dangerous overheating.

The care label inside some Mothercare 2.5 tog Grey Star Sleep Bags has been incorrectly labelled to indicate the product is 1 tog.

The tog rating is an indicator of the effectiveness of the product's thermal insulation, and the labelling error could lead to babies being placed in a warmer sleeping bag than intended.

With overheating known to increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), this could have potentially dangerous effects.

How to check whether you're affected

If you have purchased a Mothercare 2.5 tog Grey Star Sleep Bag either as a single sleep bag or a pack of two, you are advised to check the care label to see what tog level is indicated. If the label says 2.5 tog, your product is unaffected.

If the label says 1 tog, stop using the product and return it immediately to a Mothercare store for a full refund.

For more details, including the relevant style numbers and where to find the tog rating on the care label.

Tips for safe baby sleeping

Making sure your baby's not too hot is just one important safety factor to consider when settling them down to sleep. Our full guide on baby safe sleeping tips has lots of information on cot and sleep safety. Some of the key points to remember include:

Sleep position: The safest sleeping position for your baby in a cot is on his or her back, not front or side (unless your doctor advises otherwise), until your baby is able to roll from back to front and back again.

Tuck in the covers: It can be dangerous if your baby's head gets covered when he or she sleeps. To avoid this, tuck in the bedclothes firmly around your child and no higher than his or her shoulders.

Cot mattress: Make sure the cot mattress is firm, dry and clean. It should also fit the cot with no gaps down the side that are more than 3cm. See all of our cot mattress reviews to find the best one for your baby.

For all you need to know on keeping your baby happy and healthy, from the best products to the ones you definitely need to avoid, check out our Baby and Child section.

Which? tests find unsafe baby products

In 2019 alone, our tests have found safety issues with pushchairs, cot mattresses, stair gates and child car seats, including one child car seat that detached from the base and was hurled forward with the crash test dummy during our crash tests.

If we think something is too unsafe to buy, even if it meets the legal requirements for sale in the UK, we label it as a Don't Buy and will warn you of the risks.

We've also found issues with smoke alarms, cars and tumble dryers, and we believe these dangerous products in our homes are potentially putting millions of people at risk.

We're calling on the government to take action to keep our homes free from unsafe products, and on retailers to remove the products from their store shelves and websites.

Sign our petition here.