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1 Nov 2020

Sainsbury's launches Nectar 'Double Up': how far will your points go?

We walk you through the promotion's rules to help you get the biggest boost

Sainsbury's annual Nectar 'Double Up' promotion is upon us, meaning your points are worth twice as much on certain purchases. But there are a number of rules and exceptions to keep an eye on.

Like last year, you can only double your points by ordering vouchers online or through the Nectar app, rather than exchanging them in store. And the vouchers themselves can only be spent on products from certain categories (listed below) within a certain timeframe.

Read on to find out how Double Up works this year and what you can use your boosted points to buy.

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How will Nectar Double Up work in 2020?

To 'double up' your Nectar points, you'll need to exchange them for vouchers.

You can do this on the Nectar website until 3 November, or via the Nectar app between 11 and 17 November.

Until last year, you were also able to get the vouchers in-store, but this is no longer the case.

Vouchers are valid from 11 November 2020, and you'll need to spend them before 17 November 2020, otherwise they'll expire and you won't get your points back.

How much will your points be worth?

As you'd hope with a promotion called 'Double Up', exchanging your points for these vouchers doubles them in value.

You need at least 1,000 points to take part, and you can exchange up to 10,000 points (normally worth £50) for £100 in vouchers.

Here's a breakdown of how it works:

PointsUsual valueDouble Up value

What can you spend Double Up vouchers on?

You can only spend the vouchers in certain Sainsbury's departments. You can't spend them on groceries or fuel, for example, as these aren't included.

This year, you can use vouchers to buy products from the following ten departments:

  • Electricals
  • Entertainment
  • Tu clothing
  • Homeware
  • Taste the Difference wine, sparkling, champagne, sherry and port
  • Toys
  • Seasonal
  • Cosmetics
  • Fragrance
  • Skincare

You also can't spend the points in Sainsbury's Local stores, petrol stations or in Argos at Sainsbury's.

  • Find out more:if you were hoping for a discount on your groceries, read our story on the cheapest supermarkets to see if it's worth switching where you shop.

What does the small print say?

The Double Up vouchers aren't refundable, so you can't swap them back to regular points if you don't end up using them before 17 November 2020.

This means unless you're sure you'll spend the vouchers in the departments mentioned above before they expire, it's not worth exchanging your points to get them.

You can only use each voucher for one transaction. So if you get a £50 voucher, you need to spend it all at once. You'd have to order two separate £25 vouchers if you wanted to spread it across two shopping trips.

If you want to return anything you bought with Double Up vouchers you have 30 days, in accordance with Sainsbury's usual returns policy.

How else can I boost my Nectar points?

If Double Up doesn't float your boat, or you don't have enough points to take part, there are several ways you can build up your Nectar point total.

Consider a Nectar credit card - some reward credit cards let you earn Nectar points as you spend, and may have introductory offers that give you a big points boost. Use Which? Money Compare to compare reward credit cards to find out more.

Get the app - The Nectar app gives you access to personalised offers, sometimes giving you extra points for things you regularly buy.

Spend with Nectar partners - You can earn Nectar points through spending at Argos and on eBay as well as Sainsbury's.