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Updated: 6 Aug 2018

Seren side-loading toaster: is this the future of toasting?

We reveal whether the innovative tunnel-shaped toaster will revolutionise your breakfast or if a traditional toaster is a better bet

The Seren toaster (£60) is designed to fit a range of different-sized breads. In fact, its unusual side-loading toasting rack is claimed to let you toast almost anything, including ciabatta, crumpets, sausage rolls, samosas and toasties. But can it blow other toasters out of the water, or will it end up ruining your breakfast?

Few things are more British than sitting down to a cup of tea and a piece of toast, and for more than 100 years, not much has changed with the trusty toaster. We often see high-end toasters with unusual features, but the Seren offers a completely different way to enjoy toast, and more besides.

We put it through our standard toaster tests, to see how it compared on the essentials to other leading toasters. But we also tried out some of its more unusual features, including toasting bagels, sausage rolls and fish fingers. You can see it in action below, or head to our YouTube channel to watch the full Seren toaster challenge video.

Why buy a side-loading toaster?

According to Seren, the side-loading rack allows you to fit a much wider range of foods in the toaster, making it a more versatile appliance. It's also meant to be quick and easy to check on progress, and remove smaller items, such as crumpets, without burning your fingers.

We found it quite tricky to remove some items in our unusual item toasting challenge, but what about the basics? Get our official verdict in the full Seren toaster review.

Feature-packed two-slice toasters

Not convinced by the side-loading toaster? Our most recent tests also included traditional two-slice toasters with some handy extra features, such as the three models below.

If you want to jump straight to the cream of the crop, head to our round-up ofBest Buy toasters for models that are easy to use, fit a variety of different breads and toast brilliantly.

Lakeland Crux 2-Slice Toaster CRUX008, £70

If you follow a gluten-free diet, you're probably more often than not disappointed with your afternoon snack. Gluten-free toast can get burned to a crisp on standard toast settings, so this luxury Lakeland toaster could be just the ticket. It has a dedicated gluten-free setting designed to toast slower and for longer to suit the denser crumbs of gluten-free bread.

It's all very well offering something different, but a toaster needs to produce great toast time after time to win our recommendation. Find out how this model fared in our tough tests in the fullLakeland Crux toaster review.

Next White Facet toaster, £20

It's rare to find extra features on a cheap toaster, but this £20 Next own-brand model comes with its own warming rack, and has trendy rose gold and textured accents, too. If you love a croissant in the morning, or want to quickly warm up a burger bun for dinner, you can simply pop them on the rack to get them toasty.

Can this cheap and stylish toaster hold its own against pricier models? Read the fullNext White Facet toaster reviewto find out.

Russell Hobbs Elegance 23380, £55

If you buy tall toastie-style loaves or like to make your own in a bread maker, you may end up frustrated by traditional two-slice toasters. If the slots aren't quite long enough, you could be left with unappealing strips of raw bread along the top of slice.

The Russell Hobbs Elegance 23380 tries to solve this problem with one long slot for toasting taller slices on their sides. Find out how well this worked, and if the bread was toasted properly, in the full Russell Hobbs Elegance toaster review.

Which toaster is right for you?

Extra features can add value to your toaster, making them more versatile or easier to use.Beware, though, as sometimes added extras add up to less than the sum of their parts. We've seen toasters that seem to have the whole package, but just can't toast an entire slice evenly.

Head to our toaster reviews to compare models and find the best. To get straight to one of our most recent reviews, click on the individual links below:

Prices correct as of 3 August 2018.