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21 Jun 2018

Superdrug launches mobile network - is it really a bargain?

The low-priced package is only available if you have a Health & Beauty card. We weigh up the benefits

Superdrug, the health and beauty retailer, is the latest to offer a low-cost Sim-only mobile deal to consumers, partnering with Three to power its mobile network.

It only has one deal available, which offers 4GB of mobile data with unlimited minutes and texts included for £10 a month, with no contract.

Members who sign up receivedouble points on all their Superdrug shopping and will also get £10 worth of points to spend in store.

Superdrug isn't in this year's satisfaction survey, but browse the best and worst providers for 2018to see how its rivals fare.

How does Superdrug Mobile compare?

Superdrug Mobile joins a host of low-cost mobile network operators who sell cheap Sim-only deals.

Take a look at how similar plans from other operators compare with what Superdrug Mobile has to offer.

Superdrug MobileUnlimitedUnlimited4GB£10

* ASDA offers 4GB with a recurring top-up, otherwise 2GB
** Giffgaff offers 4GB after you purchase the £10 goodybagthree times, otherwise 3GB

Superdrug Mobile's deal is quite competitive and also very similar to SMARTY's offering, who also uses Three's network to offer mobile services to its customers.

However, Superdrug has the added bonus of offering double points on Superdrug shopping to customers who also have a Sim, in an effort to encourage more people to shop in its store and online.

What else can Superdrug Mobile offer me?

Like many mobile networks, unlimited minutes from a Superdrug Mobile SIM also includes calls to landline numbers (numbers beginning with 01,02 and 03), freephone numbers(numbers beginning with 0800, 0808 and 0500) and voicemail.

Alongside its deal, Superdrug also offers data rollover for two calendar months at atime, meaning customers have a little longer to use any data they have not used.

If you are needing extra data, you can buy data add-ons by paying£2 for an additional 1GB, £3 for an additional 2GB and £5 for an additional 4GB, all of which last a month.

Find out how to make the most of your allowance with our guide on how to keep track of your data and minutes.

Roaming abroad with Superdrug Mobile

If you are planning to use a Superdrug Mobile Sim outside the EU, then you need a cash add-on, which can be bought in £5 and £10 amounts only. It's also worth reading our guide on what steps you should take to prepare your mobile for trips abroad.

Below are Superdrug's roaming costs compared with two rival providers for data and calls.

Superdrug MobileGiffgaffThe People's Operator
USAData: 50p per MB
Calls: £1 per minute
Data: 20p per MB
Calls: £1 per minute
Data: £6 per MB
Calls: £3 per minute
CanadaData: 50p per MB
Calls: £1 per minute
Data: 20p per MB
Calls: £1 per minute
Data: £18 per MB
Calls: £3 per minute
TurkeyData: 50p per MB
Calls: £1 per minute
Data: 20p per MB
Calls: £1 per minute
Data: £10.20 per MB
Calls: £3 per minute

Again, Superdrug Mobile offers competitive roaming prices and is comparable to Giffgaff, one of the cheapest networks for roaming outside of the EU.

Within the EU, regulations mean that all providers allow you to 'roam like at home', meaning it shouldn't cost extra.

Read about how we are calling on the Government to scrap mobile roaming fees worldwide.

Is Superdrug Mobile for me?

On a whole, Superdrug Mobile does represent a decent deal for consumers, particularly if you are a regular shopper at Superdrug and can take advantage of the double points offer.

However, if you rarely shop at Superdrug, there are other alternatives that offer very similar packages without making you sign up for a loyalty card you may not want.

You might also want to check how good the coverage will be in your area. Since Superdrug uses Three's network, it'll be reliant on the strength of this signal. Visit our mobile phone coverage mapfor more.