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Best desktop PC alternatives to the Apple iMac

By Michael Passingham

The Apple iMac isn't the only premium all-in-one PC out there. If you're a Windows fan and happy to push your budget, check out these Windows desktop alternatives to an iMac.

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Windows PC iMac alternatives

If you fancy splashing the cash on a top-of-the line desktop that ticks all the boxes, you may feel like you're constantly being pushed towards an iMac. It's understandable - Apple iMacs are wildly popular, receive rave reviews and are a real benchmark for quality. 

The premium metal chassis on the Apple iMac range, plus pin-sharp screen quality, mark them out from the desktop PC crowd.

But, not everybody can afford the 'Apple premium' cost of an iMac. Plus, plenty of computer buyers won't fancy the MacOS operating system, preferring the functionality or compatible programs of the Windows operating system. 

Fear not: the iMac alternatives we've rounded up below genuinely can rival Apple's flagship desktop for design and specifications. So before you spend, check our expert recommendations.

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Best iMac alternatives


A top-spec all-in-one with a design to match, this model is a sure-fire iMac rival. With a powerful quad-core processor and dedicated graphics card, this is a proper powerhouse that will outperform more expensive iMac models. We were also impressed by the screen, and even the built-in speakers are excellent. Our only disappointment is the lack of DVD drive and a rather shoddy webcam.


This AIO has a powerful quad-core Intel Core i5 processor, a large 2TB hard disk and 8GB of Ram. There's plenty of get-up-and-go from this machine, and it has a bright and vibrant 10-point touchscreen. Our only disappointment was the sound, but at this price it's a very compelling iMac alternative. but at this price it's a very compelling iMac alternative.

More ways to save money on a desktop PC

If you want to save even more money when buying a computer, you could also consider a standalone desktop computer, rather than an all-in-one machine such as the iMac. 

While a desktop tower and separate monitor will take up more room, and potentially require you to buy a separate keyboard, speakers mouse and monitor, this setup usually works out as the best value. You can choose the components that go into your desktop, helping you get a faster processor and more storage at less of a cost than you'd spend for a laptop or all-in-one.

Even better, the latest desktop models are powerful and quiet, so you'll still be able to hear yourself think even when you're pushing your PC hard with video and photo-editing. Plus, if you have the knowhow, you can upgrade individual components quite easily in the future without having to buy a whole new PC.

Check out our desktop PC Best Buys for a full list of the PCs that should make your shortlist. 


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